Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 1, 2013

Scorecard: Rep. Buys and Overstreet are the most conservative legislators

According to the five most prominent legislative scorecards for Washington legislators, Rep. Jason Overstreet and Rep. Vincent Buys are the most conservative representatives in Washington. Fellow blogger and data-expert Don Smith from Bellevue combined the legislative scorecards from five different organizations:

Washington Conservation Voters (Environmental Advocacy)
Washington State Labor Council (Labor Issues)
Washington Conservative Union (Tax and Personal Liberty Issues)
Washington Community Action Network (Racial and Poverty Issues)
NARAL Pro-Choice (Women’s Health)

Rep. Jason Overstreet is proud of his record

Rep. Jason Overstreet is proud of his record

These organizations tracked votes for the last two years (2011-2012) and compiled scores based on how each representative voted on specific bills. Don Smith combined these scores to make an aggregate score for overall conservative or progressive value. Naturally, Rep. Overstreet was the most conservative member of the legislature, with Buys trailing by a single point. For comparison, Rep. Lytton came in 14th most progressive, and Rep. Morris clocked in at 28th most progressive.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has read my reporting on Rep. Overstreet‘s and Rep. Buys‘ legislative agenda. Whether it is mandating that county bills be paid in gold doubloons or being one of the few votes for bullying in our schools, the representatives from the 42nd seem more interested in promoting ideology than their own constituents.

While scorecards can paint a picture of just how extreme Buys and Overstreet are, their failure to advocate for their own communities speaks for itself.

In case anyone is curious, Sen. Doug Ericksen is the 4th most conservative member of the state Senate, and Sen. Ranker is 13th most progressive.



  1. How the hel is it that the representatives for Bellingham are from Lynden? What’s up with that?!?

  2. Some people call them Conservative, I call them ineffective.

  3. I am ashamed to say I am from their district and we are paying for these guys
    to represent us. It is very sad.

  4. […] Krogh made a noble attempt to unseat Rep. Vincent Buys and Rep. Jason Overstreet and despite the Republicans rather extreme record in the state legislature, neither one was able to come close to unseating the incumbents. But with the state-wide parties […]

  5. […] And the result? A district that once elected moderates like Pete Kremen, Dale Brandland and Kelli Linville is now represented by some of the most conservative legislators in the state, according to the Washington Conservative Union. […]

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