Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 15, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Excavator Weeps, Overstreet Accuses and Pinky Declares

Hello Loyal Readers,

It is time for the Friday Odds and Ends and oh boy are there some fun tidbits. As usual, it is all the news that is fit to print, but not big enough to justify its own post.

Rep. Jason Overstreet raised some eyebrows with a bizarre and shocking speech, even by his standards. During the debate on the local version of the DREAM act, Rep. Overstreet directly accused the Speaker of the House of promoting illegal behavior, “Mr. Speaker, which laws will you choose to ignore?” His fellow Republicans were taken aback by his attack and you can hear them muttering in the background. Here is the video:

Achievement Unlocked: Pissed Off Conservative Bloggers

Achievement Unlocked: Pissed Off Conservative Bloggers

Meanwhile, the Whatcom Excavator (Greg Brown, Ellen Baker, etc) did not take Reconveyance vote well. In a blog post decrying the vote, blasting all the council members who voted for it. However, they decided to make a special point of attacking me saying,

This play-by-play, self-promoted at the Bellingham Herald Political Blog by The Political Junkie  might have been useful, but WE found it to be churlish and intolerant. The running mockery relayed no tolerance for different views; no sympathy for collateral damage. Attacking the sincere and innocent with the blood lust of bulldogs does nothing to improve the civility of the community.

First of all, have you met a bulldog recently? They aren’t exactly vicious beasts. Second, this is from the website that accuses local non-profits of cronyism, being outsiders and zealots, obsession and comparisons to Voldemort and participated in character assassination against a staffer at the planning department but I’m the one that “relayed no tolerance for different views.”  That is why I’m awarding myself another achievement award for irritating conservative bloggers.

City Councilman Stan Snap

City Councilman Stan Snap

Finally, Stan Snapp officially announced his retirement from the City Council. We knew it was coming but he sent out a press release so I guess there is no going back. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stan for all his years of service, he always did his best for the community.

He has endorsed a person to follow in his footsteps on the Council, Pinky Vargas. I hope to lock down an interview with her soon so you, my loyal readers, can get an inside scoop on one of the first candidates for the Bellingham City Council this year.

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned this weekend for a report on the Town Hall meeting with Doug Ericksen.



  1. Yeah, Riley. The Excavator is all about tolerance. When I am near them, I feel bathed in the their warm glow of love and acceptance.

  2. I was just commenting on the Excavator, and apparently, they are upset about something.

  3. What is there about expressing strong personal opinions forcefully through a blog that the Excavators don’t understand?
    they get it and that’s why it makes little sense to worry about their responses.
    Nobody ever bathes any opposition in glow during blog season,
    that’s the nature of the bloodlusty beast.

  4. […] Over in the Senate, Sen. Kevin Ranker has pre-filed a resolution (along with fellow Democrats Steve Hobbs, David Frockt and Tracey Eide) honoring the late Nelson Mandela (SR8665). The resolution is hardly controversial, “His contributions as a leader and statesman to the nation of South Africa provided many lessons for all nations – particularly regarding the importance of civil rights which allow open elections and provide protections against unwarranted search and imprisonment.” Expect this resolution to fly through the process with the only potential source for friction being a few Tea Party-style Republicans are looking to grandstand on this. I’m looking at you Rep. Jason Overstreet, don’t disappoint. […]

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