Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 8, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Debates, Reconveyence and Employment

Hello Loyal Readers,

Yes, it is time for Friday Odds and Ends. I’m sorry the Rep. Overstreet legislative review article isn’t out yet, there is a ton of material and it is taking me a little while to sort through it, so I hope to have that up next week. I’m afraid this post is light on news and a little heavier on updates.

If you care about drinking water or the economic success of our county, you should voice your support for the reconveyance this Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the county courthouse. After delaying the decision several months, the Whatcom County Council will finally vote on this opportunity to gain some local control over our watershed. Here is a great outline by Ken Mann explaining why he is voting yes on this important vote. Naturally, I will blog about the meeting. Hopefully, reasonable people will prevail and poorly-flowcharted conspiracies will be ignored.

Getting my game face ready for the debate

Getting my game face ready for the debate

Craving more Political Junkie in your life? On Monday, I will be participating in a three-way debate on gun control hosted by the WWU Libertarians. It will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Academic Instruction Center West (AW 210).

Finally, I’ve accepted a job working for a local LEAN business consultanting company EnnaI will be their Marketing and Sales Manager, an exciting new challenge. As much as I enjoyed my time working for the WWU Foundation (alumni, you should donate!), I know this job with Enna will be a better fit.

Next week, I will blog the reconveyance meeting and (finally) publish the article on Rep. Overstreet. Until then, I leave you with Shane Roth’s sarcastic movie preview of the meeting.



  1. If I wasn’t an anonymous commenter without due regard
    I could say I really enjoyed Apexnerd’s preview of the Tuesday meeting with seven warm chairs.
    But I am, so I can’t,
    but I did anyway.
    Except that $50K isn’t to fight the GMA,
    it’s to cover the illegal actions of the council what violated it,
    and that’s a big difference in my book.

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