Posted by: sweeneyblog | February 15, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Parks, Nukes and Upcoming Lawsuits

Hello Loyal Readers,

Good morning folks, time to leap right in with the Odds and Ends of the week.

Sen. Doug Ericksen, well-known journalist threatener and occasional legislator, proclaimed his love for nuclear power recently. His latest proposal would change how we calculate “green” energy so that it included our massive hydroelectric dams and thereby reduce the incentives for power companies to invest in wind and solar. But don’t worry, Sen. Ericksen has a plan. “Maybe we’ll get there someday, build some nukes [nuclear power plants] and get a better energy policy,” Ericksen said in an interview with Crosscut. Apparently he isn’t familiar with how well that worked out when Skagit tried it last time.

Chuckanut Ridge

The Chuckanut Park measure succeeded by a a slim margin of 122 votes. I must say, this result surprised me. While I favored the measure, I felt like the opposition to the park had done a thorough job of stirring up concerns over the authority granted to the Parks District and that with low-turnout, this measure would fail. Well, shows what a lousy prognosticator I am. Turnout was a respectably high 46.5% and the measure passed.

Finally, the lawsuit involving Sheriff Elfo firing a deputy who publicly opposed his reelection campaign has finally been filed. I will have more details soon.

Enjoy the three day weekend, I have a full queue of posts next week so see you then!



  1. I’m getting word that our attorney, Bob Butler, will be interviewed on KGMI at 5PM today about our claim against Whatcom County.

  2. I say good luck to you Paul Murphy!
    May you prevail.
    I hate injustice and deceit where ever it’s found.

    • Thank you Rubie. 🙂 Ditto.

      No go on the Bob Butler interview today. They must have recorded it for airing next week maybe?

  3. Germany is taking their nuclear power off line and building something in the range of 24+ coal fired plants. Go figure….

    • Yeah Go Figure.

      Here’s a list of those projects,
      which ones have been abandoned due to citizen activism,
      which are replacing older and dirtier plants,
      which have been shelved in favor of gas,
      which are using biomass instead of hard coal,
      and which ones are planning CO2 capture and state-of the art scrubbers.
      You’ll also find details of plants for which injunctions have been issued and plants that are new replacements for old obsolete blocks.
      But the theme for each one is citizen objection to the status quo.
      Go Figure!

  4. Well, hydro-electric power IS renewable energy. And carbon-neutral. Why shouldn’t it be counted as green energy?

    We need as a society to get off fossil fuels as energy sources. Period. Perhaps Mr. Ericksen has another agenda but he’s right about hydro power.

    • Because so much of Washington’s power is produced by hydro dams, if you include them in the formula, they wipe out all the requirements without encouraging the energy companies to invest in solar or wind energy.

      • Well, shouldn’t the requirement be 100% renewable power? What requirement are you talking about?

  5. That’s an odd conundrum,
    too Green to fit the Greenness standards for our future.

  6. Yo, Riley, what happened? We just found out the news today! I hope it is because you suddenly got an awesome job offer or something. We will miss you here at the Alumni house.

  7. Sorry to bother. Would like to contact Paul de Armond about one of his older articles. Thanks.

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