Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 19, 2013

Saturday Odds and Ends: Prisons, Roach’s and Lake Whatcom

Hello Loyal Readers,

Sorry for the delay, it was a busy week and I spent my Thursday night (when I usually write my Friday Odds and Ends) getting reelected as vice-chair of the Whatcom Democrats.

As I’ve written about before, I wear a great deal of hats and many of them intersect in public. By day, I work for WWU as a fundraiser. In my off hours, I write this blog, I volunteer with local campaigns, and I participate in my local political party. So let me be perfectly clear; when I write on this blog, I am expressing the views of precisely one person. J. Riley Sweeney. That’s why I put my name in big bold letters at the top. I sign my real name to everything I say (unlike Greg Brown, Ellen Baker and the rest of the Whatcom Excavator’s) but on this blog, I only represent me.

"I guarantee it!"

“I guarantee it!”

Moving right along, did you know we have a national organization of prison non-profits headquartered in Whatcom County? The National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations  or NC4RSO is based out of Blaine but opening a second office on the East Coast in 2013. They do a great work connecting organizations that are often overlooked by the non-profit community. They recently put out this press release about gun control promoting mentoring. They are worth checking out.

Don’t make Sen. Pam Roach (R) bring the pain!

In more entertaining news, it has only been a couple of days, but the new Republican majority in our state senate has already stepped in it. They have appointed mercurial Republican senator Pam Roach to chair the government oversight committee.

Sen. Roach is infamous for having sanctions placed on her by her fellow Republicans in the last couple of years for her abusive behavior towards government employees. She repeatedly verbally abused and threatened committee staff, her own legislative aides and basically anyone within shouting distance. In the past, she was forbidden to speak to committee or caucus staff, but since the change of leadership, now she is in charge . . . of overseeing all government employees everywhere. In response, someone created a satirical craigslist ad advertising a job as her legislative aide.

Finally, Carl Weimer pulled a bit of legislative wizardry at the last county council meeting. Luckily, Shane Roth was there to get the whole story, check it out here. It is definitely worth the read.

That’s it for today, I will have more material this week about our state legislators. 



  1. I must agree that Weimer’s amendment amounts to the only smart part of the new plan for restarting reservoir development.
    But the best laid storm water plans of mice and men amount to squat in the actual scheme of our real-world since negligent usage survives far longer than any staffer’s rubberstamp approval.
    Subjective proposed standards such as ‘naturally forested’ are likely to be reinterpreted by developers – read court judges – as being the fewest trees and most phosphorus run-off ever experienced in any history and under any conditions. Anywhere.
    So allowing people to live and drive and poop around your drinking water hole is simply stupid and stupid is as all six of them just did.

  2. […] *Kicked out of her own caucus for abusing staff. Allowed back in exchange for her vote on a budget. And don’t even think about moving her flowers (link plays sound, be careful). Note from Riley – I covered some of her unusual behavior here. […]

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