Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 11, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Dwindles, Assembles and Fumbles

Hello Loyal Readers,

Since I have been otherwise detained this week, it will be a light load of posts. I have some good articles queued up for next week, so this meager sampling will just have to hold you for now.

Congress, like Lohan, no longer resembles its previous, more likeable, incarnation

The Tea Party, once a massive nation-wide movement funded by national conservatives and publicized by Fox News outlets everywhere, has dwindled to a tiny trickle. According to a recent Rassmussen Poll, only 8% of likely voters identify as members of the Tea Party. This comes on the heels of another poll that found Congress is less popular than traffic jams, cockroaches and Rob McKenna’s favorite band, Nickelback. Congress did manage to beat out Lindsey Lohan, meth labs and gonorrhea (or as I call it, the Shelton Triad).

The State Legislature is getting geared up for a fresh session. This weekend I will be publishing a piece analyzing what bills have been filed by our Whatcom County representatives so far. Last year, I did articles detailing Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys‘ records. This year, I plan to do a running update on what bills the 40th and 42nd representatives have proposed and voted on as the session occurs so that you, the involved citizen, can call in and voice your concern/appreciation while the bills are being debated.

I’ve spoken about the importance of having quality political staff. Jay Inslee recently hired David Schumacher as his budget lead (Director of the Office of Fiscal Management). This is very exciting for me because David Schumacher previously served as the executive director of the Council of Presidents, the non-profit lobby arm of our six public four-year universities (WWU, WSU, UW, EW, CWU, Evergreen). Having been deeply involved in the struggle for higher ed funding, I know he will bring that awareness to Inslee’s proposed budget.

On the other end of the spectrum, you know what the key is to keeping good staff? Pay them. A year later, Michelle Bachmann (former presidential hopeful and current Cthulhu worshiper) still has yet to pay six of her Iowa staffers. Aside from this being really poor form, it looks like the main sticking point is the staffer’s refusal to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would keep Bachmann from facing their testimony on illegal fundraising. Very curious, not surprising.

That’s all for this week.  Like I mentioned, I will step it up in the next couple of weeks but for now, stay warm and safe out there in the cold.



  1. I’m not a real lawyer I just play one on TV, but don’t non-disclosure agreements sorta fail in the face of a subpoena?
    I doubt whether such an agreement could exempt a prospective criminal from facing an accusation from the inside.

    • That’s the fun part of this story, it isn’t even legally sound!

  2. Thanks, Riley. Looking forward to your coverage of the 42nd and 40th LD Representatives. And, also hope you will keep “tabs” on the Gov as well. I trust him but want to see how he transitions from the Federal Government to the State Government. Hopefully we will see jobs planning on the top of his lists.

  3. Government doesn’t create jobs but can destroy them by raising taxes and increasing regulations.

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