Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 4, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Ranker Blasts, Overstreet Exceeds, and Biden is himself

Hello Loyal Readers,

Yep, time for the first Friday Odds and Ends of the year. For those of you just tuning in, it is all the news that is fit to print but not big enough to justify its own post. Onward!

Sen. Ranker

Sen. Ranker

Progressive champion and drink-mixing wizard (photo courtesy John Servais) Kevin Ranker pulled no punches in blasting the potential “power-sharing agreement” proposed for the State Senate. You can read my Keep it Simple Sweeney explanation of the messy state senate here. Ranker drafted an editorial for Crosscut that laid into the potential arrangement. “Senate Republicans have hijacked the legislative process under a cloak of bipartisanship, in order to block critical legislation supporting women’s rights, social programs, education and the environment. This does not reflect the values of our great state. These policies were thoroughly rejected at the ballot box in November, and will make harmful, polarizing public policy or, worse, stop positive policies from advancing or even seeing the light of day.” Sounds like this year will be a lively one for our state senators. I hope to get Sen. Ericksen on the record about the compromise over the next week.

The national political blog, Think Progress, identified their top eight craziest Republican legislative proposals of 2012 . . . and guess who made the top slot? That’s right, Jason Overstreet’s Leprechaun economics. It is good to know that while the 42nd legislative district delegation (Overstreet, Buys and Ericksen) might have only sponsored two successful bills between the three of them, they are still racking up some sort of achievements.

Surely, you must be Biden

Seattle’s alternative newspaper, The Stranger, circulated a terrifyingly believable theory yesterday. It goes like this. If ever there is a film made about Obama’s presidency, Leslie Neilsen should be reanimated through dark sorcery to play Vice President Joe Biden, because the resemblance is uncanny. Biden, at the swearing in ceremony for new senators yesterday, was . . . well, pure Biden. He told Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to spread her legs because you are going to get frisked and he reassured a crying baby by saying, “Don’t worry, I’m a Democrat.” What can I say, Leslie Neilsen would nail that role.

Finally, under “ooOOooo cool,” The Guardian has put together a really neat visual showing the progress of LGBT rights in all 50 states. It is a really neat little display that clearly shows the Pacific Northwest has many miles to go to catch up with our New England brethren.

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  1. Anyone care to speculate what the outraged commentary would be if a republican had said something similar to that Riley reported of Biden. What would Riley say?

    • I say that Biden is a careless mildly sexist idiot. There, I just did.

      • can’t argue with that…thanks

  2. Mildly? The man should resign. Inexcusable sexism Have you no shame, Joe (MAY i CALL YOU JOE) Biden,.

    Do you have a link to the Guardian article?

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