Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 31, 2012

My favorite 2012 moment

Hello Loyal Readers,

I know everyone is doing their 2012 retrospective, and since I already did that with Shane Roth on video, I don’t have much to add except that this election night was pretty much the best one I’ve ever had.

My wife and I eagerly await the results

My wife and I eagerly await the results. Photo by John Servais of NWCitizen

I’ll admit, I haven’t lived through nearly as many election seasons as most of my readers. My political awareness really started with the fumbling confusing mess of the 2000 election and my decision to make politics my career was fueled by the heartbreak of 2004. While 2008 was a wild thrill ride and 2010 incredibly somber, this year’s election had so many incredible victories and happy moments. Seeing the joy on my friend’s faces knowing that they will finally be able to marry the person they love, hearing the delight that more women were elected than ever before, it was a good night.

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  1. I’ve been watching Elizabeth Warren since 2009 and was sorta sad when she decided to run since I kinda have a crush on her and didn’t want her to become another politician.
    So when she won her seat decisively, it was even better than all the other Progressive gains we made that night. Now she even has a seat on the very same banking committee that gave her such a stinking hard time.
    But by far the best thing about election night 2012 was the miserable failure of Big Money to purchase the election results Rove had promised them and his subsequent televised meltdown.

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