Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 22, 2012

The 2012 Whatcom County Golden Laptop Awards

Hello Loyal Readers,

Fellow blogger and friend Shane Roth and I decided to take a humorous look at 2012. Please join us for the 2012 Golden Laptop Awards.




  1. Very, very well done. Enjoyed pretty much all of it. You might be the political Monty Python 😀 (click the website link)

    • “I’ll bite your ankles off!!” I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Love it! The best whiny liberal imitation since Carlin. Well done all around.

    • I was going for a George Carlin, thank you!

  3. Good work guys.

  4. We have everything here in Whatcom County now we have political humor-good work.

  5. […] Sweeney and Shane Roth teamed up for an end-of-the-year video presenting tongue-in-cheek politically themed awards for 2012, many of them with a local flavor. It’s a spoof of the major entertainment awards shows, and […]

  6. I want my black hat back from the other video.

    • I already returned it. Its awesomeness could not be contained at my house. It is now safely back in your possession.

  7. […] know everyone is doing their 2012 retrospective, and since I already did that with Shane Roth on video, I don’t have much to add except that this election night was pretty much the best one […]

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