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Friday Odds and Ends: Holy Night, High Bills and Hooray!

Hello Loyal Readers,

Yep, time for Whatcom County’s favorite column that isn’t named “The Gristle.” It is Friday Odds and Ends! All the news that is fit to print, but not big enough to justify its own post.

First on the docket, if you are itching to do something in response to the shooting in Connecticut, Kristi Anderson is planning a flash mob in the Bellis Fair Mall food court at 3 p.m. Saturday to sing “O Holy Night” acapella. She will be bringing battery powered tea lights, pages with lyrics and signs with the names. All that she asks is that you come and sing. Call her at 360.920.5450 for more details or just show up.

Onwards and Upwards!

Onwards and Upwards!

In less somber news, various media outlets are accusing the Romney campaign of overcharging them for campaign expenses. Usually the campaign pays for a bus for reporters and food and the like during the election season and then bills the corporate news headquarters at the end. Apparently the Romney campaign is charging them ridiculous amounts, with some speculated fraud involved. Apparently a few of the reporters, outraged by the bill, did some reporting and found,  “One news organization contacted two of the bus agencies used by the campaign; it was clear from their reporting that the costs you charged us far outdistanced what you paid for the transportation.” It is still hard to tell if this is incompetence or maleficence, but then again, that was really the Romney campaign in a nutshell.

We achieved a new record recently, Washington now recycles more than it throws away! This is a truly impressive accomplishment that we set as a goal back in 1989 when we first passed recycling laws in this state. Way to go!

Moving forward into the next couple of weeks, we might see a fiscal cliff deal go through and we might not. I’m currently working on a “simple explanation of the fiscal cliff” in the style of my two recent pieces “Why is the County Breaking the Law?” and “What is going on with the State Legislature?“. If this Riley-explains-something-complicated thing is going to be a regular feature then it needs a catchy name. Bryna and I scratched our heads for a good long while a couple of nights ago and couldn’t come up with anything, so we toss it to you, loyal readers, to help us name this new column.

We also have a comedic video coming up, in the same vein as the Dramatic Reading of Jack Petree’s Letter to the Editor, and an end of the year’s best hits post. After that self-indulgent navel gazing, we should get back to more original content in preparation for the new year.



  1. Riley – What could be more American than making a profit? Especially making a profit on the infotainment sector as they “report” on the superficial and irrelevant? I say nice work, Mr. Romney!

  2. Riley Explains It All!

  3. How about “Idioms, analogies, and metaphors” as your column title as those are the things usually needed to make things simple to understand. You could just shorten it to “Idioms and Metaphors” or even “Metaphors and Similes”

  4. Those are rather high bills for riding on a campaign bus! Thanks for the reporting work this year Riley.

  5. To most people seeking an understanding of the complex they don’t already own, idioms. analogies, similes and metaphors only perpetuate the fog.
    Better I think to break the complex into simple bites using plain speech and basic vocabulary.

    • So your saying that the title would cause confusion? Then how about, “Simply Put”

      • I like this suggestion “Simply Put!” I was thinking about “Putting it Simply”, “Keeping it Simple”. or “It’s Simple! DUH!”

      • Simply put is a good theme but I wouldn’t use the phrase to headline a column that might not be so simple after all. And what of the poor readers who remain unenlightened even in the face of all that simplicity? I like Riley Explains It or something similar emphasizing the writer and not his method.

  6. Riley’s roast

  7. Forgot to ask… can disloyal readers enter?

  8. How about “Clearing the Fog”?

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