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Examining Social Issues in Whatcom, Part THREE!

Hello Loyal Readers,

As promised in “Part TWO!”, here is the final data set from my post “Examining Social Issues in Whatcom”, the marijuana legalization maps. I have used the same scale as the other two maps to keep everything consistent. Click on the maps to seem them expand.

County votes on I-502

County votes on I-502

Bellingham on I-502

Bellingham on I-502

As before, I took the percentage of YES votes on marijuana legalization and subtracted the NO percentage to get the difference, which I then colored onto the map.  As a whole county, the measure passed 55.2% to 41.9%, which would make it a sparkling emerald. Glancing at these maps, you can see why. Almost all of Bellingham voted on yes on this measure, and most precincts supported it by a 2 to 1 margin. That’s significant. You would be hard pressed to find that much universal support for anything other than “Do you believe the traffic on the Guide-Meridian sucks?” That is an impressive show of strength by the city, south county and even West of I-5.

In case you are curious, the sole precinct within the city limits of Bellingham that voted NO on the measure is 203, henceforth renamed “Precinct Buzzkill.” They are just off of Cordata Parkway but before you get to the community college. The precinct with the highest YES percentage was Precinct 210, otherwise known as the north square of the Columbia neighborhood. Well done, a victory dance for you.

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  1. Yeah Precinct Buzzkill™ thinks of itself as a gated community, even though no actual gates exist. Darby Estates and the wealthy development north of there are pretty uptight.

    Thanks, Riley. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Great work, Reilly – thanks! Amazing how stark the divisions are within the County on this issue. Strange, however, that the farming north County area would vote against its own interests to continue prohibiting industrial hemp, which could add a very useful rotational crop, especially for potato ground. The power of authoritarian propaganda to continue this un-American prohibition continues. I mean, almost all the Founders of this great Republic grew hemp, the same hemp which clothed the Continental Army, and provided fiber for sails and cordage for the Navy, and even for the first flag of the Republic. This absurd and evil prohibition regime makes all the Founders criminals, which seems to me to be an indictment of not only the law, but of the government which oppresses its people with it.

  3. Curious as to what yes minus no adds over a similar graphic of just yes percentages. If the difference is 10 to 20 percentage points (not %), is that not the same as 55 to 60% in favor?

    • It is the same as 55 to 60 in favor, I just prefer to do yes minus no because that’s what I’m most comfortable with when doing all the calculations on excel.

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