Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 18, 2012

Examining Social Issues in Whatcom, Part TWO!

Hello Loyal Readers,

There was a ton of requests for the two data sets that I compared in my recent post, Examining Social Issues in Whatcom. I grumbled and complained that, really, they breakdown of those two initiatives just show a pretty standard partisan arrangement for the County. Which is true. What I didn’t say is that making gorgeous maps like that is pretty time-intensive. Hence, for the follow-up, you get not-nearly-as-pretty maps. What is the difference? Bryna, my lovely wife, made the first batch and I, clearly not an artist, did the second. Without further ado, here is the breakdown for Whatcom County on Referendum 74. A vote of yes would institute marriage equality.

Whatcom County - Ref. 74

Whatcom County – Ref. 74

Bellingham Ref. 74

Bellingham Ref. 74

As before, you can click on the map to enlarge it. As you can see, the marriage equality vote went down on relatively partisan lines. If you are curious, precincts 252 and 257 (WWU Campus, and the part of Happy Valley where all the students live) had the highest yes percentages county wide. Precincts 139 and 117 (the farmland north of Lynden) had the biggest no percentages. What stands out to you as unusual or unique? As a whole, the initiative passed Whatcom County by almost 10% (or lavender? by my map) so consider that when evaluating each area.

I didn’t find anything earth-shaking in this data, except the continued trend towards libertarian ideals in our foothills. It seems that the farther east you go, the stronger the support for Ref 74 became. I will play around with the marijuana numbers as well and post that at some point later.



  1. […] Update 12/18 – I’ve pulled apart this data so that you can examine these issues in isolation in response to the comments received. Check it out here. […]

  2. “I will play around with the marijuana numbers…” Less than an ounce, I hope.

  3. Your stats bring back distant memories of door belling, without the unique humans one can meet while doing so. A scary example….an elderly gentleman who hadn’t been to “that big city south of Seattle” since the 40’s!

  4. Thanks, Riley. I knew it would be labor intensive when I asked for it, so I appreciate you doing the work. Thanks to your lovely wife for making the previous set, too.

    • Yeah, she’s does good work. I hope to have the marijuana one done tonight.

  5. […] promised in “Part TWO!”, here is the final data set from my post “Examining Social Issues in Whatcom”, the […]

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