Posted by: sweeneyblog | November 9, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends: Coal Kickoff, Flushing Funds and Happy News

Hello Loyal Readers,

We all survived 2012. If you are looking for a little on-air gloating, Joe Teehan and I did some post-election analysis on his show Weds. That said, I have fully recovered from my election night live-blog, and am ready to tackle the pressing news of the day. Next week will be “Election Analysis” week as I do a poor-man’s Nate Silver impersonation, and analyze all the local election results.

  • Kris Lytton (D-Awesome)

    If anyone had doubts the next big political fight will be over the Gateway Pacific Terminal, they were promptly buried when the day after the election results were in, newly reelected Jeff Morris and Kris Lytton fired off a sharp-elbowed press release, calling on the governor to form an emergency task force to examine the state-wide impacts of shipping coal. “The size and scope of the terminal impacts communities across Washington and it certainly merits an accurate assessment of what a coal terminal would mean for our infrastructure, economic development, and environment” said Morris. “Considering our commitment towards value-added jobs and environmental protection, this project doesn’t appear to make a whole lot of sense.”

    “The state has a responsibility to do a rigorous analysis that examines how the new terminal will impact our economy, environment, and transportation infrastructure,” said Lytton, Morris’ 40th-district seatmate in the state House. “The only way we’ll get the full picture—accurately and objectively—is if the departments of Ecology, Transportation, and Commerce aggressively collaborate and share their data with the lead agencies conducting the formal analysis.”

  • Meanwhile, under the category of “Good for American Democracy,” this election showed that millions of dollars of SuperPAC ads cannot sway opinion completely. Karl Rove spent over $45 million on Republican senatorial candidates Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Linda McMahon, and Josh Mandel, only to watch ALL of them lose on election night. Hopefully, this lack of return on their investment will make wealthy Republican funders think twice before dumping money into these sorts of third party organizations.
  • In happy news, come Dec 6th this year you will be able to walk past a police officer with a sandwich bag full of marijuana and give him a big thumbs up without fear of arrest. The first part of I-502 goes into effect then. After that, the Liquor Control Board will take a year to establish licensing and regulation procedure for Washington businesses, so we will probably see the first marijuana retail shops open March-April 2014.
  • Even happier than that, the King County auditor is announcing extended hours on Dec. 6th and 7th. Why? Those are the first days you can get your marriage license as a same-sex couple. I couldn’t be more delighted.

That’s it. As I mentioned, stay tuned for a big jail update over the weekend.



  1. “Hopefully this lack of return on their investment will make wealthy Republican funders think twice before dumping money into these sorts of third party organizations.” Really? I’ sure that as long as there is greed and a love of power, some (not all) people with money will try to gain influence through buying other people’s support or silence. And, I’m not a pessimist; just a realist.

    • Hence “hopefully”

    • They spent all their money on marketing and not a dime on the product – sort of paraphrasing David Brooks.

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