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2012 Election Night Live-Blog

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Hello Loyal Readers!

Election night is finally at hand. I am here at the VFW Veteran’s Hall (625 N. State St.) kicking off the Whatcom Democrats election party with my lovely wife Bryna, my handsome younger brother Devlin, our good friend Michelle and a slew of local Democrats. First of all, I want to give a shout out to Doug Starcher, who purchased drinks for Bryna and I last year but did not get a blog mention. So to make up for it, you get this picture.

Click to make big

Moving right along, I also want to mention the talented Lisa McShane, who’s daughter Raven is working hard to elect progressive all-star Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin. We’re all pulling for that race tonight!

3:41pm – Natalie McClendon, candidate for the 42nd, is already getting into the swing things with this election day comment: “One hellava long convoluted job interview, done.” Agreed.

4:51pm –We are now liveblogging. Our awesome display is up and running and we are counting down to first results.

We are live!

5:05pm – We have our station of awesomeness set up in the VFW hall, drinks in hand. There is a handful of people here but it is still quiet.

5:10pm –CNN is reporting that Florida 45% in, with Obama leading 51%-49%. This might be over really soon.

5:16pm – Donnelly is leading in IN-SEN. First thing up on our board. 50-44.

5:21pm – Bryna is delighted, the drinks are strong. A brief argument broke out about what tv station to watch. We all agree that Chuck Todd is a waste of space, but we are sticking with MSNBC.

5:28pm – Virginia is looking grim, we might be saying Senator George Allen by the end of the night. Ugh. Still light crowd but lots of speculation. Jonathan Martin speculates that if we lose Ref. 74, we will be able to win this by a public initiative in another couple of years.

5:43pm – Discussion remains positive. Devlin, my charming brother, notes some of the strengths of the electoral system and the top two system. “The top two system better reflects the electorate, turning the general election into a runoff between two similar candidates.”

Devlin and I

5:47pm – Stephanie Kountouros, Planned Parenthood diva, is in the house. Represent!

6:00pm – “A conservative, a moderate and a progressive walk into the bar. The bartender says, ‘Hi Mitt!'” -Stephanie does comedy. She notes that the 1st and 6th couple to get coupled in WA state are here at this party. Crazy.

6:04pm – I’m getting into the spirit of things.


6:11pm – I’m calling Florida for Obama. 35% in and Obama’s leading by 2%. Mike Estes says that I’m a damn fool and maybe I should be so bold. Bah! I’m drinking. I’m calling it.

6:14pm – Three journalists from BC have arrived to take the pulse of the American electorate.

“You are crazy.”

6:27pm – Alex Ramel, Washington Conservation Voters guru, arrived. I asked him about his predictions and he says wryly, “My predictions are identical to Nate Silver’s.”

6:32pm – Senator Bob Burr stopped by and asked, “How many states has Jill Stein won yet?” Frances Badgett is on topic, “Vermont went for Obama so no luck.”

6:42pm – Elizabeth Warren is just called Senator. The crowd exploded in screaming excitement. Awesome. Katie Drewel, Kris Lytton’s fmr campaign manager is predicting a Lytton victory. “I think she will do alright tonight.”

6:51pm – Ohio numbers are looking really good. I’m pulling FL back into the maybe category but what most people are talking about is Sen. Warren. That’s great news.

Time dates are getting wonky.  My flask is looking suspiciously empty. I’m handing it over to my substitute blogger, Devlin.

6:55 PM –  A woop is let up from our table as a round of drinks is provided to the political junkie’s table, (I wonder if I should start counting Riley’s drinks,) although so far his political predictions are beating ABC by about 20 mins.

7:07 PM – Riley takes a break from reporting to do an interview with a lovely set of Canadian reporters, putting those days of practice being a community television talent to good use I see!

7:08 PM –   Missouri senate race looks like it will be a blowout as McCaskill cruises to victory. (and now to turn the blog over to Riley’s better half)

7:11 PM – What a night! Riley’s on TV with a journalist from BC, and drinks are filling the table! The whole place is alive with laughter, victory yells, and drunk blatherings. Time to give it back to the hotshot husband.

7:15pm – I’m back from being on television. The senate races keep rolling in. Here’s a picture of me on TV.

Riley talking with Journalists

7:21pm – We just had a discussion about Wisconsin. Right now, Tammy Baldwin is losing according to the current numbers BUT the big cities haven’t come in, so many people are projecting it a win because the urban votes should push this into the win column.

7:23pm – Just got an email from a concerned reader. “Riley: I am looking at your blog – make sure you do NOT drive home. Good job.” Don’t worry, I have a couple of designated drivers, but good advice to everyone out there, be safe.

7:24pm – We are t-minus 30 minutes till local results. Already people are chomping at the bit find out about all the fun local stuff.

7:28pm – Mike Estes takes the stage, urges people to join the Whatcom Democrats, check out our website. He reminds people about the King County voter delay.

Mike Estes, chair of the Whatcom Democrats, speaks

7:34pm – Matt Krogh, candidate for the 42nd has arrived to a hero’s welcome. The crowd breaks out in cheers, he gives a wan smile and starts shaking hands.

7:37pm – Minnesota is totally going in Obama campaign. Doug Starcher offers up this pearl of wisdom “ask Riley, he knows everything.” In other news, Riley’s head swells to ungodly proportions.

7:43pm – Ronalee Kincaid is my most awesome person of tonight. Also Mike Estes bought me a shot of tequila, which is just dangerous. The room is STUFFED. This is waaaaaaay more fun than 2010.

Voter cake

7:53pm – Mike McAuley predicts that the Port initiative will not succeed. Disappointing but not shocking.

7:56pm – Bye bye Macaca. Virginia pulls it off.


8:04pm – Bryna says, “It’s not cold enough to wear Mittens.” Other news, “The rape guy lost.” “Which One?”. If you’re political party has more than one “rape guy”, then maybe you should rethink how you deal with women.

8:14pm- MSNBC calls the race for Obama, crowd explodes. Kisses, jumping in the air, throwing stuff. Chants of “FOUR MORE YEARS”. I might have misted a little in the eyes but I’m sure it was just sentiment.

Kevin Ranker takes the stage and declares victory with an obscene mandate. Rocking it. “Did Kevin Ranker just give results about Kevin Ranker?” Devlin asks.

I can’t update the blog or paper version fast enough. Inslee is looking solid. Democrat Mark Mullet won his race, helping protect the state senate from GOP hands.

Congresswoman Suzan Delbene? Looking positive. We have Romney’s response here to his lose.

Where are the Whatcom County results? Seriously, could the county auditor website be LESS intuitive?

Matt Krogh takes the stage and thanks everyone. He highlights the number of women elected to office, specifically the senate.

PUD is not looking strong for Brad Stone. booo.
But Marijuana is looking solid. Here’s the victory dance.

Marriage equality is a thing.  In four states. People are ecstatic.

Riley announces some of the good news

Our board is a big hit.

A fabulous contraption of paper and tape. Kept falling down.

Oh wow, I’m still liveblogging. That’s crazy.

The mild disappointment over the 42nd and the PUD is muted by the overwhelming delight over Ref. 74 and the presidency.

Tammy Duckworth, Alan Greyson winning and Bachmann losing. Life is good.

Snohomish, what is up with you? Seriously, I’m not seeing any results. I’m wondering if you are even paying attention. I mean, I know you are busy and all, but we are kindof having a party here and I’d like it if you show up. Thanks, Snohomish.

Bryna and Stephanie celebrating

9:51pm – Natalie McClendon speaks to a dwindling crowd. Many supporters are peeling off to attend other parties, including myself. Thank you everyone for joining me here on this live blog. I hope that you will join me in the coming weeks for my election analysis.



  1. With you in spirit – interviewing in Seattle 😦

  2. Checking in from sunny (although now dark) CA! Mailed in my WA ballot – was going to vote again here, but thought better of it!

  3. Hi everyone. Wish I could be there. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks Riley for this.

  4. Make sure Devlin goes to bed on time.

  5. 6:30pm. NPR reports that 77% of ballots counted in Florida, and about 500 votes separating the two candidates.

  6. 6:45pm. NBC and NPR call Pennsylvania for Obama.

  7. Tell everyone “hi” — I’m with you in spirit and watching your postings. Great job!

  8. Was nice to stop by and say hello BEFORE your uber nerdy flask was empty 😉

  9. I really like your pic of Doug. He came into the city council and mayor’s office today with “I voted” stickers. Such the man about town! Thanks for the live blogging, Riley.

  10. 8:20 pm. CNN calls Ohio for Obama! And Iowa! It’s over folks!

  11. WHERE are the Whatcom County and Bellingham results? What a complete fail.

  12. I’ll buy you a beer but not tonight… You’ll be plenty sloshed…I’ll take care of the hair of the dog…Presidential results as expected… twenty years ago we said “gimme a chance”… today we say, “Gimme”… That’s the ground from now on… whomever promises the biggest circus wins…

  13. Back in the olden days… before you were born… we had most of the votes by now… so we got modern… now it’s computerized… it only takes ten or fifteen times as long to get any info now than it did to get most of the votes counted then…

  14. Lots of statewide results… haven’t got crap from Whatcom County… seems our vote counting is as retarded as our economy

  15. Well, here we are – the day after the night before! The enthusiastic joy over President Obama getting another 4 years was expressed to me as ” Oh, now I can breathe again!” Have to say though the results for 2nd CD and the 42nd LD is TERRIBLE! John Koster, Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys – interesting names but awful values to bring to the WA State and US House. We will be the brunt of laughter when they open their mouths to express their extreme, Tea Party views! Very UGLY!

    • Koster lost, check the results. DelBene declared victory last night. Yes, we still have to deal with Overstreet/Buys but that was expected.

  16. Poor Bob.

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  18. […] and since I already did that with Shane Roth on video, I don’t have much to add except that this election night was pretty much the best one I’ve ever […]

  19. […] Freshman Rep. Suzan DelBene will be up for her first reelection election campaign since she bested Koster for the newly redrawn 1st Congressional district. Since being elected, she has carved out an […]

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