Posted by: sweeneyblog | November 5, 2012

What to expect on Election Day?

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Tomorrow is Election Day. What news can you expect throughout the evening? Well, let’s break it down by time.

5 p.m. – Polls close on the East Coast. They might keep a few open a little longer because of Hurricane Sandy, but most likely we will get results from a good chunk of these states.

Presidential Race – Now here’s the interesting part, if you know your math, you will be able to call the Presidential election right away. Last year, on-air newscasters were forbidden from “calling” the presidential race until the West Coast had voted, but you could see it in their faces, they knew. With OH, VA and FL reporting in, this race could be over. If Obama wins Florida, Democrats can start drinking their victory shots. If Romney manages to hold Florida AND either Ohio or Virginia, this race will not be decided until 7 p.m.

Other Races of Interest – Massachusetts has had a battle royale between populist professor Elizabeth Warren and Republican truck driver Scott Brown. They’ve been neck and neck but the latest polls show a slight advantage to Warren. Similarly, Virginia has a dead heat for its Senate race between former DNC head Tim Kaine and George “Macaca” Allen.

6 p.m. – Polls close in flyover country. By now, you can see most pundits online and on television either mourning their losses or getting delirious. I plan to be mildly incoherent at this point.

Presidential Race – If it hasn’t been settled on the East Coast, this batch of results should finish it off. Wisconsin and Iowa represent 15 electoral votes and if they go to Obama, it will probably be game over for Romney. He pretty much has to run the table in the midwest to keep this going.

Other Races of Interest – Tammy Baldwin and Heidi Heitkamp are running very tight senatorial campaigns in Wisconsin and North Dakota respectively. If their races go south, Harry Reid’s chances of holding the Senate dwindle. However, if they are cruising to victory, check in on Nebraska where former governor, Bob Kerrey is desperately trying to keep the seat of former corporate Democrat Bob Nelson from falling into Republican hands. If Dems are having  a good night, he just might pull it off. Also, check out Minnesota for the marriage equality initiative and whether Michelle Bachmann still has a job.

7 p.m. – The beautiful Mountain West. At this point in the evening, I fully expect either Sean Hannity or Ed Schultz to have dropped an F-bomb on live television at least twice and the Whatcom Excavator to already be drafting up more crazy flowcharts to justify how the Democrats are stealing the race.

Presidential Race – If Romney has had a good night, Colorado can be the state that seals the deal or tosses this race into a complete tie. If Obama is having a really good night, he might even pick up Arizona, although I doubt it.

Other Races of Interest – Colorado is also trying to legalize marijuana. Arizona’s Senate race might come into play, as well as Montana’s battle royale between their freshman Democratic Senator Jon Tester, and their Republican congressman running for the Senate seat.

8 p.m. – Finally! Local results arrive! I predict we will crash the county auditor’s website at least twice by 9 p.m. You listening, Debbie Adelstein and Sam Reed? Prove me wrong!

Presidential Race – Who am I kidding? It will be all over. Sure maybe Nevada will come into play, but I predict we will be watching acceptance speeches and already the pundits will be moving on to cabinet changes and congressional struggles.

Other Races of Interest – Aside from all the fun here in Washington state, there is a GMO-labeling measure down in California, and very close Senate races in Nevada and Hawaii.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I will be at the VFW Hall at 625 N. State St. all election night, live-blogging all of this, so join us online or in person!

Bryna designing our election day display board



  1. Come Wednesday, Washingtonians will be able to serve pot at their gay weddings and charter schools will go down to their fourth rejection. Jay Inslee will be our governor-elect, Overstreet and Buys will be crying in their Shirley Temples and Rape-Thing Koster will crawl back into his dark hole of Regressivism where hopefully, he can do no more damage to the collective intellect of our state.
    These things shall come to pass!

    • You shouldn’t be smokin until 502 is passed.

      • These things shall come to pass!
        Overstreet and Buys are indeed crying today since they were handed Tea Party jobs they obviously do not want when judged by their non-performance. Hard to understand why citizens would want representatives that constipate the works but that’s the Ayn Rand way.

  2. 5pm Pacific time will be… 2am here. Looks like we’ll know who’s president by the time I wake up.

  3. I predict that the Corporatist candidate will win the presidential election for his sponsors, who will rejoice mightily that their government welfare checks and protected monopolies will continue. I predict that the national debt will continue to climb, because the richest will continue to refuse to pay their share of taxes, and the War Party is both red and blue and demands (and gets) an increasing share of the pie. I predict that the people “elected” to federal office to represent us will rather work for the people who bought them their jobs.

    I think a good source of green power might be to harness the rapidly spinning bodies of the founders in their graves, most of whom have been declared criminal by this republic-in-name-only for growing hemp. The hemp that clothed the Continental Army, provided cordage and sailcloth for the navy, and was woven into the first flag of the Republic. What can you say about a government that declares its founders to be criminals except that it is fundamentally illegitimate? A teevee reality show parody of democracy where we the people get to vote for which candidate has better hair, since both candidates agree on most issues but a couple of highly emotive ones designed to divide the people from themselves.

    I don’t get why so few Americans see how corrupt their government is. Are they really that brainwashed?

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