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Friday Odds and Ends: Bailing, Flailing and Unveiling

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Hello Loyal Readers,

It is time for our weekly Odds and Ends, all the news that is important enough to share, just not big enough to justify its own post.

Christie preparing to toss Romney under the bus

1) Chris Christie throws Mitt Romney under the bus as Obama starts bailing out his state. Christie, the former keynoter for Romney’s convention, praised the president for his swift and effective response to the worst Sandy to come along since Olivia Newton-John. The question is why? Christie has never been shy about blasting someone in the media, while extending a hand under the table. Just a few years ago, he criticized the stimulus package while begging for tunnel projects to be included, so I don’t doubt for a minute that he could take a swing at Obama while accepting FEMA’s help.

But, Christie has his eye on the presidency and it would be much easier to run for the open seat in 2016 than against the incumbent president, Romney. Also, as a red governor of a blue state, it doesn’t hurt to have a honey glaze of bipartisanship now and again.

The hat really sells it

Locally, the last week has brought out the flailing “throw the kitchen sink at them” style political attacks. The subject? A donation from JZ Knight, the religious leader out of Yelm who channels the 3,500 year old spirit “Ramtha” for her followers. Knight donated several thousand dollars to Jay Inslee. Republicans have been calling on Inslee to return the money because of some offensive quotes from JZ Knight. The always entertaining, but rarely accurate, local blog called “Sipping Hot Green Tea with Shelly” covered this story being pushed by state-wide conservatives. Growing up in Olympia, I was quite familiar with the stories surrounding Ramtha-ites. Hushed whispers in high school told tales of their fear of lizards, the aluminum foil rooftops, and the mighty ranch where followers gather. In hindsight, I think a few of my classmates might have read “Shadows Over Innsmouth” and gotten confused.

But back to the issue at hand. Whenever someone gives money to a candidate, it is usually concerning because you assume they get something back. Tobacco companies give to candidates so they get looser regulation on the sale of cigarettes, for instance. This is where the story falls apart for me. What could JZ Knight get back in return from the governor? Looser regulation of churches? We already are pretty hands off when it comes to religion. Maybe he will buy a copy of Ramtha sponsored indie film “What the BLEEP do I know?“? Honestly, this is the silly season of politics.

This is Matt Shea, not Amy Biviano. Obviously.

Finally, there is precisely one state legislator that has a record more extreme than Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys. His name is Matt Shea out of Spokane and his race recently went from “Not Even Close” to “Extremely Google-able.” His opponent, Amy Bivianos, is a respectable candidate: Harvard graduate, masters degree, mom, teaches Sunday school and naturally trailed Matt Shea by 20 points in the primary. Then a conservative blog picked up on the fact that she had posed for Playboy when she went to Yale back in 1995. Matt Shea jumped on it calling it “alarming.” Biviano’s response was a class act, as printed in the Spokane Review

Biviano said she doesn’t regret the photo shoot but wouldn’t do it again as a mother.

“It was one of the youthful college kinds of things. I was interested in pushing my limits,” Biviano said Friday. “This was my small act of rebellion.”

Biviano, who said she earned less than $500 for the pose, is running against incumbent Republican state Rep. Matt Shea, who called the revelations “alarming” in a news release on Friday.

When Biviano, then Amy Nabors, was a college junior, her Playboy debut sparked anger among some feminists on the Yale campus. But Biviano argued she was a feminist, too, and that she had a right to pose if she wanted.

Right on. The race must be closing because liberal group Inland NW Leadership PAC has invested $29,000 on Biviano’s behalf. Either way, another collision of gender and politics.

That’s just about it. Later today I will be posting an interview with Brad L. Stone, candidate for Whatcom PUD. In the meantime, get those ballots in!



  1. The look on governor Christie’s face said it all – he was genuinely glad to have Obama’s help. That’s it. Sometimes humanity really does trump politics.

  2. Sorry, I’m with Riley on this one. The person the most guilty of politicizing Sandy is Chris Christie. Wasn’t he partying in Disneyworld or something during the last NJ natural disaster? He’s a narcissist and narcissists never care about other people. Was he in over his head? Yes. Was he grateful for the leadership and guidance of the President? Of course. He had no idea how to deal with any of this. Is he a moderate with very Republican ideas about the economy? Yep. Is his constituency primarily Democratic? Yes. His political survival depended on working across the aisle on this one. Will he turn around and start calling the President a failed leader the moment it’s politically expedient? You bet you ass he will. He has to get through the primary process 4 years from now just like old Jeb. If we take a serious look at what the response to Willard losing is likely to be: “He wasn’t conservative enough” and how the ultra-conservatives are taking over the Republican party at the precinct/county level, then any true Moderate (think Jon Huntsman) is going to have a devil of a time winning the GOP nod in 2016.

  3. Meh. I agree with Ruby. Christie is pretty blatant. I truly think he wants to be an excellent governor, and to be an excellent governor, you don’t piss off the cavalry, or say no to their help.

  4. […] Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane) arrived to deliver a speech praising the activists. You might remember Rep. Shea as that legislator that was just as crazy as Rep. Jason Overstreet. Shea said, “In the dawns early light of Holy Saturday as we celebrate the death and […]

  5. […] Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane) arrived to deliver a speech praising the activists. You might remember Rep. Shea as that legislator that was just as crazy as Rep. Jason Overstreet. Shea said, “In the dawns early light of Holy Saturday as we celebrate the death and resurrection […]

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