Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 30, 2012

Upcoming Articles from The Political Junkie

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Hello Loyal Readers

One week of insanity left. I swear if one more useless pundit talks about “how the storm will affect the presidential race” I might just burn Tucker Carlson’s bowtie in effigy. As this last week winds down, I thought I would check in with you guys and let you know what is in the pipeline.

  • On Friday, I will have an interview with Public Utility District candidate Brad Stone. We will be talking about public management of resources, electricity bills and how he keeps his goatee so impeccably sharp.
  • Riley and Bryna live-blogging the Primary

    On Election Day, my wife and I will be live-blogging starting a little after 5pm from the Whatcom Democrats election night party, so drop by and say hi. As with all live-blogs, if you buy me a beer, I’ll put you in the blog.

  • After that, I have an update on Bill Elfo’s capitalizing on the recent riot to drum up support for his over-sized, way-too-expensive jail. I have details on the sites being considered and what that means for the future of Whatcom County.
  • I will also have my plethora of electoral analysis; complete with maps, gratuitous graphs and maybe a scatter plot or two.

That is it for the update. Please remember to vote and I hope to see some of you on Election day. A side note, after the above blogs, I will probably take a couple week break so that I can finish up NaNoWriMo, the yearly “write a novel in a month” challenge that Bryna and I are tackling this year.



  1. Do you also promise to somehow get rid of, or ostracize, Tucker Carlson, as well? Please?

  2. It’s good to see the President doing a good job and odd that Romney wants to get rid of FEMA. This is a good example of how important a coordinated response is.

    I do look forward to your jail report. Do you know if the county has hired a jail planner? It’s hard to buy a site when you don’t know how large the site should be.

    • Looking into it now. Got a public records request and now just sorting through the debris.

    • Romney wants to close down FEMA because it fosters reliance on government in emergencies. People can help one another or contribute to the Red Cross if they can’t help directly. I saw Romney load a case of bottled water on a truck. Didn’t see Obama do that. And, how dare Obama have a FEMA that has it’s act together. Where is Brownie when we need him? Next thing you know the government will be lending out money to help those directly affected. These are the proper roles of our churches, our neighbors and our loving, caring banks.

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