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Charlie Crabtree mistakenly blames “Stark Reality”

Yesterday Charlie Crabtree, local conservative pundit and state committeeman for the Whatcom Republicans, sent out the following message to his quite impressive email list known as The Fourth Corner.

Crabtree’s Email

I could go into debunking some of this craziness, but let’s start with the premise. John Stark, reporter at the Bellingham Herald, has absolutely zero to do with the endorsements of the Bellingham Herald.

Not to pull a “horses and bayonets” moment on Charlie, but at newspapers they have these people called editors and publishers that get together and write the editorials, while the reporters stick to just reporting the facts. I realize the Seattle Times has been setting a bad example, but the Herald still runs by that model. So I was quite delighted to hear that John Stark himself sent a nice little missive to Charlie Crabtree, that I quote in its entirety:

Hi Charlie–

I recently saw your “Stark Reality” production. I have never been able to get enough of those “Stark” puns!
Just so you know: I am not on the editorial board and I have no input into their endorsements. They and their endorsements have no input into my coverage of these campaigns. A lot of people don’t believe that. Go ahead and believe what you want to believe, and I’ll go on knowing what I know.
Thanks for your time.
John Stark, Reporter
The Bellingham Herald and

Now there are all the accusations of “tokenism” and poor little Jason Overstreet
being “belittled for his passionate defense of the Constitution,” but really that is just the usual stuff from Crabtree. It was the complete ignorance of how newspaper endorsements work that really was the most off-base. Maybe “Julie Shirley” Reality didn’t have the same ring. I really don’t have anything else to add other than I guess I’ll close out with this picture of Charlie and me for your amusement.

He’s the one on the right



  1. The idiotic thing about Overstreet using “The Constitution” as his moral barometer in lawmaking is—yup, surprise!!!—most laws are constitutional. Wow. Incredible.Amazing, isn’t it? The Constitution is a document that describes how a government works; it is not some witches’ brew recipe to magically unwind government.

    Overstreet using the Constitution as some cafeteria menu to oppose that which he dislikes is like selectively declaring bits from Leviticus about not suffering gays as LAW!! while forgetting the parts in Leviticus that describe how one should kill one’s own smart-mouthed children as DROSS.

  2. John Stark is a gentleman and a scholar. I never worked close with the man during my Bham Herald days, but he was always a pleasure to be around. When I needed some advice for a j-school project, he was there to provide it. Plus, his name is right out of Game of Thrones.

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