Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 24, 2012

13 Days Till Election: Polls and Ads

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Hello Loyal Readers,

We are closing in on the final days and there will be madness. First of all, you will see dire polls predicting doom and gloom and fantastic success. Take them with heaping jars of salt. Polls are a single second glimpse at an object in motion. Only by viewing several seconds can you see where it is going and how fast.

That said, the airwaves are clogged with all sorts of ads. They range from the ridiculously predictable (Old men complain about Jay Inslee inside a Denny’s) to the brutal (Reagan Dunn will let bad people KILL YOU) to the bland (I’m Vincent Buys and I have incredible cheekbones).

My favorite, no surprise, is this ad highlighting Vincent Buys’ record in Olympia and promoting Matt Krogh. Check it out.

I am figuring out where I’m going to be on election day. Probably live-blogging from somewhere with lots of drunk Democrats (myself included) but I’m open to ideas. I hope everyone is turning in their ballots. And remember to remind your friends to vote. After the election, I intend to roll out a whole series of blog posts breaking down who voted, where, and why. You can find some of my work from the 2011 election right here.

I want to close with a personal note from a close friend of mine. She shared her thoughts recently on Ref. 74 and I thought they were so poignant, they were worth sharing here. She is my age but only became politically involved in the last four years.

“Four years ago I came out to everyone on Facebook because I was heartbroken by Prop 8’s passing and I didn’t know what else to do. I tried, and probably failed to convey just how heartbreaking it was to be reminded, on a night that broke so many other barriers, that my identity and relationships were considered superfluous, a threat, a mistake best swept under the rug. Please don’t let that happen to any more young people. This is far from the only vote I care about this election, and it certainly won’t be the most broadly influential, but it’s the only one that’s this deeply personal. To me, and to all LGBT Washingtonians.

We can make history. We can make the future brighter just by doing this one thing. Please vote to approve Referendum 74.”

I couldn’t agree more. Please get those ballots turned in.


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