Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 12, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends – Referee, Malarkey and Atticus Finch

Hello Loyal Readers,

It is definitely the busy season for politics, so let’s jump right in.

1) Suzan DelBene has a great ad out that is a fantastic example of using one metaphor for a variety of purposes. 

DelBene uses the metaphor of being a referee to highlight her own biography, make a point about economic justice AND provide a nice positive image of making a catch and running forward. Very well thought out and executed. She’s in a very close fight with John “thinks immigrants should be tagged like cattle” Koster

2) On a similar but more depressing note, we have this ad from the Reject Ref. 74 campaign. Made by Frank Schubert, who we reported on earlier, it has all the hallmarks of a persuasive political ad. It speaks directly to voters who are uncomfortable with marriage equality but don’t want to be perceived as being bigots and tells them that “its okay.” It also digs up the lie that business owners will face lawsuits if this is passed for not serving gay weddings (FALSE) and that same-sex couples already have all the legal rights as straight couples (FALSE). Those issues aside, it is a persuasive ad and I’m worried the effect it will have on voters.

3) If you missed Joe Biden’s epic smack-down of Paul Ryan last night, you really should watch the whole thing. Got his fightin’ Irish up and really went after Ryan for his double talk. I felt a little bit like it was an Atticus Finch shoots the dog moment. You remember To Kill A Mockingbird, right? About a third of the way in, after the kids dismiss their father as a dullard or pencil pusher, there is a rabid dog lose in the town and the sheriff immediately turns the rifle over to Atticus Finch, who takes the dog out with one shot. After years of gently mocking Joe Biden as “America’s Wacky Uncle,” we got to see some of his true character as he steped out of his goofball persona and brought his A-game to the debate. Well done and tip o’ my hat to you, Mr. Vice President.

4) Finally, a little Friday morning humor. The Whatcom County Republicans were so delighted that their state chair, Kirby Wilbur, visited that they shared their celebratory cake on facebook. Too bad education isn’t a priority for Republicans . . .

They blamed the bakery.

Well, that’s just about it. I will be appearing on The Joe Show next Tuesday at noon on KBAI 930 so make sure to tune in!



  1. Cuz, you know the person who picked up the cake couldn’t possibly have noticed the error and asked the bakery to fix it before paying for it. And they want the 47% to take responsibility? Has anyone, ever in the history of this entire election cycle seen even ONE Republican accept responsibility for anything? Ever? At least the President was man enough to accept that he wasn’t on his A game for the debate. That’s what real adults do.

  2. Oh, I do not think it is a spelling error. I think it is reference to the fact that they have vested development rights for almost every inch of land in the County.

  3. @Tien Le – Well, Rob McKenna pretty much admits that he can’t dance in this video:

  4. […] Preserve Marriage Washington’s first anti-gay marriage ad dropped this week, and Riley has briefly dissected it here. […]

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