Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 7, 2012

(Belated) Friday Odds and Ends: Lytton, Huxley and Media Tour

Hello Loyal Readers,

Sorry for the delay, here is your Friday (now Sunday) Odds and Ends. As usual, it is all the news that is fit to print, but not enough to make a full post about.

Riley at the LWV Forum

1) I attended the League of Women Voters forum with the 40th and 42nd LD candidates, but could only stay for the 40th. Kris Lytton was clearly enjoying her title as “Rockstar Freshman Legislator” since she has had some significant legislative success these last two years, and no Republican stepped up to challenge her for re-election. She was clearly in her element talking about the various funding challenges facing our educational system. “Education is why I went to Olympia, and an educated populace is the best defense against economic failure.”

Later on during the debate, I heard that Rep. Vincent Buys promised to raise taxes. I am eager to review the footage when it is posted on BTV10.

2) Riley’s media tour continues. On Friday, I was part of the Huxley Distinguished Lecturer series as a panelist with Kathy Kershner. The presentations went well, and even pulled in some of our friends from the community. Republican activist Greg Brown and his wife showed up, as well as Ellen Baker from the Whatcom Excavator. She contested that while she writes for the Excavator, she is not the editor. I followed-up with my confidential source who vehemently disagreed saying that it is definitely Baker. During the Question and Answer period, Baker asked whether “Huxley college was teaching their students that humans still have a place on the Earth, and how large a footprint are we allowed?” An odd question that she followed up with, “You know, humans are animals too!”

3) Also in the media, I had an opportunity to appear on The Joe Show recently. You can listen to it online here, and I did an interview in the most recent issue of The Western Front at WWU, which isn’t online yet, but should be soon. While I was on their website looking for my interview, I noticed that judicial candidate Deborra Garrett has purchased ads in the Western Front aimed at college students. An interesting choice, one that could pay off as many of these voters will not be deeply informed on local judicial candidates but are highly likely to vote.

Sorry for the light load. This upcoming week, you will see that Dan Matthews interview, a Kevin Ranker interview and legislative record review and a slew of fresh endorsements. Until then, enjoy the weekend!



  1. […] you happen to live in the 40th district, bravo! Proudly vote for Kris Lytton, Jeff Morris and Kevin Ranker. They all deserve your vote for the hard work they have done in the […]

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