Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 2, 2012

The Political Junkie in Real Life and upcoming articles

Hello Loyal Readers,

A quick post this morning about upcoming events and posts. As you can imagine, this is a busy time for the Political Junkie. First up, I will be doing a series of debates and panels at WWU opposite various local Republicans.

Riley on stage, can you sense the awkward?

  • So this Friday at 3 p.m. in Communications Facility 125, I will be paneling with county council chairwoman Kathy Kershner on environmental concerns as part of Huxley College’s distinguished lecturer series.
  • On Oct 23rd, at 10 a.m. in the Environmental Science building, I will be debating Whatcom Republican chair Luanne Van Werven on the Politics of Inequality
  • Finally, on Oct 30th at 2 p.m. in Arntzen Hall 17, I will be debating Sen. Doug Ericksen on Environmental Regulations.
I have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous about these panels and debates. I am definitely more comfortable writing about politics than debating them. However, I look forward to the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with WWU students.
Finally, I have many more posts in the queue. I have a much delayed interview with Dan Matthews (sorry Dan!) that will go up this week. I will have a brief review of the Democratic Women’s Club Oktoberfest. I have an interview with Kevin Ranker coming up and another batch of endorsements. So stay tuned for more thrilling fun!


  1. Luanne will eat your lunch Riley.

    • I’m sure we will have a cordial exchange of ideas . . . not necessarily of meals.

  2. Hey Riley – not sure if you’ve debated in public before but it’s actually very “fun”. By fun, in quotation marks, what I mean is you’ll feel like you are going to barf before, your mouth will probably be dry the whole time, and you’ll have to come up with a good answer that makes sense and tells everyone what you believe about the issue on hand in like 3 seconds. So it’s what some call fun 🙂

  3. I suggest reading some Geo. Lakoff – or watching him on LINK TV as he explains some of the basic differences between the Democrat and Conservative ideas. He calls them Frames (of Reference, I add). A basic idea is between the Public( I add Commons) concerns and the Freedom concerns.
    It will always come own to defending the Public (I add people!) and the domination of Freedom and the subjugation to Leaders who want to control people. Food for thought anyway, I hope. (Find Lakoff’s book “Don’t Think of an Elephant”.)

  4. PS You will do great, Riley! And, thank you for doing these debates. Be sure to get them video taped ( or YouTubed?) so we can see them! Thanks again!

  5. […] as part of the Huxley Distinguished Lecturer series (you might remember, I did that earlier last year with Kathy Kershner). I’m glad to see that Dan Pike is keeping busy these […]

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