Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 1, 2012

R-74: Vote Yes on Marriage Equality

Like all my endorsements, this will be linked on the “Voter’s Guide” tab at the top of the page

I was talking with my lovely wife yesterday about politics (what else?) and came to an interesting quandary. Setting aside the presidency, of all the close races this year (Inslee/McKenna, Krogh/Buys, McClendon/Overstreet, I-502, etc), if I could only win one of those races which would it be?

Vote Yes on Ref. 74

Referendum 74. I didn’t even need to think about it. Referendum 74 is the second most important thing on your ballot this year. Yes, getting a decent governor and supportive allies in state government is essential, and yes, charter schools are not as effective and Suzan DelBene is way better than that guy who compares illegal immigrants to cattle, but this Referendum is way more important. Taxes, crappy education, those things can be negotiated, this cannot. This is not a referendum on religious expression or “traditional definitions.” This is a referendum on who we are as a community.

Are we a community that treats all of its members as citizens with equal rights under the law? Are we a community that stands up for love, commitment and human dignity? Are we a community of fairness, of justice and decency?

This November, Referendum 74 decides that. Join me in voting yes for Marriage Equality. It is the right thing to do. Whether you are a small-government conservative who wants to see the long arm of the state out of our personal lives or a compassionate liberal who wants to support love and commitment between two consenting adults, please vote yes on Ref. 74. Talk to your friends, family members, grocery store clerks and fellow dogwalkers – urge them to please vote yes on Referendum 74.

If you want more information on how the Ref. 74 race has been chugging along, you can read a whole series of guest posts here by the Gender Junkie, or you can head down to the office in Bellingham at 1417 Railroad Ave or sign up to volunteer here.



  1. Yeah, like I want gay marriage on par with traditional marriage. Gimme a break!

    • It’s just marriage. Two consenting adults spending their life devoted to each other. Why do you believe they shouldn’t have equal rights under the law?

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  3. I’m trying to find more information on the part about modifying domestic-partnership law. I aM for same-sex marriage and I aM for religious freedom. I don’t understand why we have to TaKe rights away to GaiN these?

    • What rights are being taken away?

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  5. […] 74: Marriage Equality. I’ve written about it. My guest columnist has written about it. Time to make it happen. Vote […]

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