Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 28, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends – Push polls, Complacency and a Painted Garage

Hello Loyal Readers,
It is time for the Friday Odds and Ends. As usual, it is all the news that is fit to print, but doesn’t really justify its own blog post. Have at it!
  • Two quick tidbits about John Koster. First up, he made some . . . rather peculiar statements about cattle at a recent forum. Check it out at the 46 second mark. Aside from that, residents of the 1st Congressional District have been receiving a push poll. They start out innocent enough, “Do you support Suzan DelBene?” but quickly start throwing negative information at the listener. In this case, all the information revolved around Reed College. Delbene is on the Board of Trustees at Reed and the push poll makes Reed out to be a den of wickedness, citing factoids about drug use and sexual behavior on campus. Or as normal people refer to it . . . “college.” If this is all the Koster camp has in its holster then they are seriously out of ammo.

Interesting . . .

  • Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Overstreet thinks his race is already won. After purchasing $3.6K of radio spots on KGMI and  $3K of radio spots on Praise 106.5 (literally preaching to the choir,) he decided to prop his feet up for a bit and send $25K back to the State Republicans because he thinks he won’t need it. Natalie McClendon on the other hand, has been whisking herself all over the district holding meetings with small groups in Blaine, Acme, Deming, Ferndale and beyond. This November, we will see if shoe leather trumps incumbency, but Rep. Overstreet seems pretty certain of the outcome. Fun bit of trivia – when I was looking up campaign expenditures on the PDC website here, I noticed that Rep. Vincent Buys purchased an iPad with his campaign dollars. I think someone should convince him he reallyneeds to purchase a new SUV for his campaign. Something expensive . . .
  • In other 42nd LD news, Matt Krogh has released a fantastic little video about painting his garage. Funny, engaging and featuring Matt as a family man. A solid video spot.
  • Even more locally, Jack Louws responded to my open letter about the Reconveyance. “Thanks for your thoughts, Riley. I’m looking forward to seeing what the council ultimately decides concerning the transfer. I’m interested in the details of any action they take on the issue. Until then, the staff and I are available to help them make their decision. -Jack.” The council has once again decided to delay this issue. I only hope that when they eventually tackle this thoroughly vetted proposal, they will come down on the side of common sense not conspiracy nonsense.
  • Finally, the scoping process for the Gateway Pacific Terminal has opened for public comment. As many of you know, the scoping process is the way our government determines what to consider when looking at the environmental impacts of the project. Proponents of the project want the scope to be small, just the site and surrounding area, while opponents want the scope to look at the impacts of the trains up and down the rail lines. If you want to read more about it, one of my favorite former Communication professors, Jennifer Karchmer, is covering it as an independent journalist here.
And that’s about it. Ballots are just a few weeks away, and with all this excitement, keep checking back here for all the best reporting and commentary!


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