Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 24, 2012

Mitt Romney – Can We Talk?

Hey Mitt, do you have moment? I know it has been a hard couple of weeks, what with the Dems convention bounce, the video of you writing off half of America, Paul Ryan getting boo-ed at the AARP convention, everyone and their mother publishing a story about how your campaign is in a tailspin, you getting so desperate you release a little bit of your tax returns, it has been a tough couple of weeks.

Mr. Romney, please, pull up a chair.

So here, pull up a chair. Yeah, the president was here, so I’ve got an empty one available. I’ve got a cup of tea for you and a beer for me, and I’d like you to listen for a moment. You know why you are having so much trouble? No one believes you are authentic. That’s really at the core of it. Conservatives are suspicious of all your flip-flops, Democrats don’t take you seriously, and independents just see a rich guy telling them what they want to hear. Where is the real Mitt Romney? Is he the guy who said he would be more pro-gay rights than Ted Kennedy or is he the guy who told Santorum he believes life begins at conception and Roe v. Wade should be overturned?

People can tell when you truly believe what you are saying. That’s the problem. When Barack Obama used to talk about really wanting to forge bipartisan solutions, he really believed it. That friendly meeting of minds is part of who he is, but since the 2010 elections and the Tea Party’s insane debt limit negotiations beat that out of him, you can hear the sadness in his voice as he longs for a bipartisan spirit.

So where is the real Mitt? I have been watching tons of YouTube videos of the debates, of interviews, of rallies and interactions with citizens and found only two issues upon which you are truly yourself. The first is talking about high finance and investment. You can see the smile in your eyes when you talk about that because you enjoy the world of high-level business and that is where you truly excel. But there was second rare moment of honest Mittens that I found. Here it is:

You were asked about distancing yourself from your Mormon faith and you got quite understandably angry. Your faith is deeply important to you and has been part of your life for such a long time. You’ve risen to prominence within the church, given millions of dollars in donations and even gave up quite a bit of lucrative time in 2002 to swoop in and save the Olympics when Salt Lake City, home of your faith, was having trouble. Now you are having to hop through hoops with evangelicals who give you sideways glances and mutter about “not prayin’ to the real Jesus,” and you are more than a little indignant. This is something that is truly important to you.

Clearly some people are waiting for you

I know it is late in the game, but please, feel free to talk about your faith. That is where you are the most authentic. There are some fantastic values within the Mormon faith about valuing family, and treating your body with respect. Some of my closest friends growing up were a delightful Mormon family who shared such a sense of community with each other that I can see why it is so important to you.

Mitt, you know I have some disagreements with your church over their attempts to block marriage equality and the way they treat women within their organization, but setting that aside, you should be a proud representative of your church. Imagine if you could do for the Mormon faith what JFK did for the Catholics, giving people a very positive representative of a minority religion and in essence, demystifying it for the public. Move the faith beyond suspiciously well-dressed young men on your doorstep and into the average range of public perception. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful consolation prize for not getting the presidency? All that is required is the political courage to speak up. And I know you have that in you. Somewhere.



  1. “Is he the guy who said he would be more pro-gay rights than Ted Kennedy or is he the guy who told Santorum he believes life begins at conception and Roe v. Wade should be overturned?”

    Pro-gay and pro-life are not necessarily mutually exclusive points of view.

    • I realize that but they represent opposite ends of the traditional values spectrum.

  2. haha, hahaha, hahaha. what a stinking stupid post. Obama is tied with Romney. This is FAR from over!

    • I’m reading this comment here in the year 2013 and President Romney is already doing a great job.

  3. If I may offer a slight correction, Romney doesn’t excel at high finance and business, he excels in stealing the equity out from under working people. Without other people’s enterprise, Romney would be just another silver-spoon basket case without a soul. Romney is the Poster Boy for the internal sickness that develops when you make money the focus of your life.

    • Romney did not making money the focus of his life, only helping failing companies survive and thus helping the people that work for them. He also has a history of giving 10-15% of his income to charity 9not to reduce his taxes).

      • That’s nonsense. Romney helped himself and loaded the companies he ‘saved’ with debt in exchange for their equity which he and his buddies swiped. Tithing isn’t at all indicative of possessing a soul – it’s merely part of the window dressing when you join the club. Hiding money off-shore is the surest indication you don’t care about your nation and all the rest of Romney’s self-serving tripe goes to further prove that fact. Talk about Romney’s taxes is pretty silly since the man has hidden them from view.

  4. The thing about Mormonism, though, is that the deeper you get the crazier it is. Even though it is something he deeply cares about, his authentic feelings about a really bizarre religion do not help him. When JFK became president, Catholicism was already pretty common and mainstream, it just was side-eyed a lot because of the whole obedience to the Vatican (a sovereign state) thing.

  5. I am stunned that you would offer tea to a “good” Mormon. It is a stimulant that is no more acceptable than booze.

    I also suspect that you are well aware that polling numbers have Mormons at the top of the heap in answer to the question “I would never vote for a [Blank} for President” and are thus suggesting that the Republican candidate shoot himself in the foot. Better that he boost his image as a flip-flopper and a liar (people know that candidates lie–remember Obama offering Hope and Change” than to emphasize the Mormon that he is.

    And that is a great shame because despite the magic underwear and intergalactic stuff (what religion doesn’t have bizarre beliefs?) Mormons, as a group, are the finest people I have known.

    I don’t however think Mitt Romney is a very good Mormon. Liar! Liar! Your magic underpants are on fire! I also don’t think he is a very good liar. He feels uncomfortable about it.

    Obama sad over the lack of bipartisan solutions? Or, is his sadness over the lack of a personal and Party backbone?

    • What’s Obama supposed to do with a Tea Party cabal and a Republican clown-car full of opposition to his policies even when they’re written by Republicans themselves? How does any spineless or courageous party without 60 votes operate in a filibuster-infested Senate?

      • If the Harry Reid and the Democratic Party and by extension Obama were unhappy with the the filibuster rule, they could have changed it on the opening day of this session of Congress. They dis not. And, that speaks volumes.

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