Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney – The Best They’ve Got?

This is a really brief post while I prepare some interesting stuff about Rep. Jason Overstreet for tomorrow. I have just been following the news about Mitt Romney’s flailing response to the Libyan crises, and then his face-palm worthy response to the tapes of him saying dick-ish things at a fundraiser, and I go back to a simple horrifying truth.

Not an actual picture of Mitt Romney, but darn close

This was the best candidate the modern Republican party could assemble this year. This is a man with the charm of Al Gore, the common touch of John Kerry, the empathy of The Simpson’s Mr. Burns and the personal philosophy of Scrooge McDuck. What has happened to the Republican party? At least when George W. Bush tried to slash the safety net and throw millions of dollars in tax cuts to the upper crust, he did it with some veneer of charm and sincerity. Mitt fails even those basic requirements. And this was the best they had?

It is painfully clear the modern Republican party needs a course correction, just as the Democrats did in 2004. The party is at war with itself, between its hard-core Tea Party base and its former moderate roots. A war between the religious culture warriors, still ranting about Vietnam-era hippies and modern business types concerned about debt, deficits and fiscal responsibility. There are the world-builders and the isolationists, the Ron Paul disciples and the big spending private subsidizers like John Boehner.

Maybe that has been Mitt Romney’s biggest challenge. He would have made a much sturdier candidate back in the 90s, when the Republican party tolerated moderation. A New England businessman, in the mold of the Rockefeller Republicans, who disdains the culture war mentality and just wants to talk about trickle down and high finance? That might have been a more comfortable fit than this desperate flailing attempt to appease his base. Because right now, he just looks like a scared cornered animal, desperate to get out.



  1. Hopefully the TEA party will co-opt the current “Progressive” Republican Party and return it to greatness. We got rid of Richard Lugar now we need to get rid of John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Orin Hatch.

    • Mitch McConnell is a moderate?

    • The Republicans did not want Romney. As you no doubt remember, a string of buffoons were on the top of the heap until they put their respective feet in their respective mouths. Romney outlasted them and now is the joke himself. But don’t count him out! Billions remain to be spent and the SuperPacs are less gaffe prone than Romney and his splintered campaign.

      I share John Galt’s desire that the Tea Party co-opt the Republican party. Oh, wait. It already has.

      Until the Tea Party and Republicans co-opt some of Ron Paul’s messaging about ending the wars including the Drug Wars, they are doomed.

      Returning to its greatness should be easy for Republicans however because it is already 60 years behind the times. The Republican Party today is shooting itself in the foot by dumping non-extremists for extremists who can’t win a general election And, it is ill-equipped to survive in a country where “minorities” will soon be the majority.

      It would already be dead in the water if the Democrat Party lived up to its platform and if its President were not the shill of the same 1% that the Republicans so openly embrace.

  2. BTW, Riley, I owe you $20 because I bet you Romney wouldn’t be nominee. I honestly thought it was such a bad idea that it would never happen. Seems I was half right.

  3. Use Tea Party and Greatness in the same sentence without losing your lunch.
    I did but I haven’t et yet.

  4. What is astonishing to me is that Willard doesn’t even see he’s completely bungling this whole campaign. How can anyone not know when they are universally disliked by an entire planet? How can he not know his campaign is this incompetent? Has he won even one news cycle since becoming the nominee?

  5. The irony is that Mitt Romney is actually a highly competent man. Just ask Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City Mayor who is also running for President under the Justice Party banner. He worked with Romney on the 2002 Winter Olympics rescue and has stated publicly that Romney is the main reason the Olympics, which were a mess when Romey took over, were such a success. I can personally attest that, having attended the Salt Lake and the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Salt Lake organization, amenities, venues, and just general customer service were head and shoulders ahead of Vancouver’s.

    And Romney volunteered for the UNPAID position!

    It’s too bad he has to please the bizarre coalition of uber-wealthy oligarchs and their duped lower-middle class followers that comprise the current incarnation of the Republican party. Because there’s no way he will get elected unless Obama is caught in bed with a live boy or a dead woman.

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