Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 31, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends: Pike, Clint and Eleanor

Hello Loyal Readers,

Having fun watching the GOP convention? I know I am. Alright, you know the drill by now, here is all the news that is fit to print, but not enough to justify a full post.

1) First, a brief note to the Republican National Committee.

“I’ll give ’em hell just like I used to when I fought them in Italy, darn commies!”

At a time when you are bleeding youth voters in droves and desperately need to convince the next generation that Mitt Romney will be a fresh start, a step forward, etc., why in the world would you have a cranky aging action star from the seventies come out and rant at an empty chair? I know that Clint Eastwood is still a brand name for cool, but old white guy ranting at an empty chair? The visual was cringe-inducing to say the least.

2) Moving right along, on Tuesday the Whatcom Democrats held their annual “Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner.” Retired U.S. Col. Grethe Cammermeyer was the featured speaker, talking about the ending of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the need for equality. Natalie McClendon and Matt Krogh shared their “Top Ten” list of “Reasons we need new representation in the 42nd LD.” Suzan Delbene made a powerful speech about the need for progressive and pragmatic leadership in the house. Kathleen Drew, candidate for Secretary of State, complained about the lack of a voter’s pamphlet this year. Jeff Morris presided with his usual grace and charm, and much fun was had. Mike Estes gave an address as the new chair of the Whatcom Democrats and handled it like an old pro. Below are a few pictures.

Grethe speaking to the crowd

Mike Estes prepping for his speech

3) Finally, it looks like Dan Pike has landed on his feet. I was tipped off that he has landed a new job as a lead administrator with the Records and Licensing division of the Department of Executive Services with King County. Here’s the letter they sent out when they hired him. Okay, what does that mean? It means he is overseeing the department that handles pet licenses and animal control (as well as a handful of other programs). I’m sure there is a joke there about not being able to be elected dogcatcher, but somehow I can’t make the one-liner work. Anyone in the comments want to take a swing at it?

That’s it for today. I’ll hopefully have some fresh material for you next week as we gear up for the general election. Until then, stay strong!



  1. He still couldn’t get elected dogcatcher. He’s the pencil-pusher that couldn’t do the actual work of Animal Control and will probably hamstring that work. I bet he’s afraid of dogs, anyway.
    Huh, you’re right, that wasn’t really a joke, either. More of an observation. This is hard!

    • Right on the money!

  2. Pike couldn’t even control the animals (Occupy Bellingham) at Maritime Heritage Park.

    • Let’s not refer to human beings using their civic rights to protest and assemble as animals. Keep it civil-ish.

      • John Galt truly believes that the Occupiers are animals – or untermenschen. He, of course, is ubermenschen, viewing the rest of us animals from his exalted spot with his head up his Aynrand.

    • You have a lot of galt to talk about us in that way!!

    • nobody will ever take something seriously from anyone calling themselves john galt. poo

  3. Oh, No! Now in King County it will take a year and a half to get a license to build a dog house.

    • nobody likes a sore looser

      • oops. I’m mistaking you for clayton petree… my bad. still, not cool

  4. As a democrat who doesn’t think all Old White Males are as bad as the Blogger seems to occasionally comment on, (I’m married to one, thus my clever nick name)….I am glad Pike has landed a job that will give him a salary to provide child support. He has a couple of really fine kids. No comment on his former position in comparison to his new position. Your Esteemed Bloggership’s Dogcatcher joke will suffice.

    • My esteemed Bloggership – now that’s a title!

      I just want to clarify. Some of the most progressive, compassionate, and inspirational people I know are old white men. I believe that they provide an essential view. But when that is the ONLY view you get, that is a problem. I would be just as concerned if the DNC was made up of entirely young black women, or tall Latino Marlon Brando impersonators. My point is that the DNC had a variety of voices while the RNC had mostly one perspective.

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