Posted by: gowened | August 24, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends: Cranky Conservatives, Outrage Fatigue and Joseph Backholm

Hello Loyal Readers

Today’s Odds and Ends is a team effort between The Gender Junkie and myself. As usual, it is all the stories that are fit to print, but not quite big enough to get their own post.

1) Local conservative blogger Garin Wallace who blogs at Wally Wonders Why is apparently a big fan of my work. So much so that he made a whole blog post asking if I am an embarrassment to the local Democratic party.

Thank you Garin, I have achieved one of my life goals, pissing off a Conservative blogger enough that he calls me names. I think I will award myself an achievement badge I made just for the occasion.

Achievement Unlocked: One Cranky Conservative Blogger

2) If the discussion surrounding rape and the resulting pregnancies hasn’t driven you to the point of outrage fatigue and beyond: did you know that in the majority of states, if a woman does give birth to a child conceived in rape, her rapist can sue for visitation rights just like any other father? It happened to lawyer Shauna Pruitt. 

3) Publicola’s interview with Joseph Backholm, the man heading Protect Marriage Washington, is some fantastic local reporting. Publicola doesn’t pull any punches for the interview. My favorite: PubliCola points out that Backholm relies heavily on the argument that we don’t need same sex marriage because domestic partnerships already give same sex couples all the benefits of marriage, then asks if he supported the domestic partnership bill in 2009. Backholm sputters for a bit, compares same sex couples to co-workers (at least it’s not bestiality anymore, right?) and eventually admits no.

4) Over at NWCitizen, my blogfather John Servais has a whole slew of new posts. If you haven’t checked out his site in a while, it is worth a visit. Even if he does call me a young whippersnapper.

5) Finally, my wife recently escaped the corporate stranglehold of Home Depot and was hired as a customer service person for Terra OrganicaIf you haven’t been there, you really should. Lots of fresh produce, reasonably priced organic items and a delightful community market feel.

Terra Organica and Bargainica

I hadn’t really spent much time in there before Bryna got this job, but it is swiftly becoming my new favorite place to grab groceries, so if you haven’t yet, give it a try.

That’s all for this week. I’m still hoping to get that article about the Sheriff’s office nailed down, I have a piece about Rep. Overstreet’s voting record in the works and hopefully a few more exciting interviews. See you all next week!



  1. Sorry Riley, I was entertained with your comments not “pissed off” as you say. Had you actually just made your point instead of leading with the redonkulous comment regarding Jason Overstreet, I might have listened with a more open mind to your comment.

    And really Riley, a life goal of yours is to piss off a conservative blogger enough to call you names? If that be so, I’d leave it on your bucket list because I just referred to Joe Teehan and yourself as circus clowns and I think you can get someone to call you a lot better name than that if you just put your mind to it.

  2. Riley, I think you should order a batch T-shirts and bumper stickers with your new logo to sell at the public market place. While your at it, ask ApexNerd to design a batch of (The Stupid Burns) T-shirts and you should make enough to at least buy dinner and a couple of rounds of suds at your favorite restaurant. I will take one of each.

  3. Hey lets start a club of people who Wally et al have blathered against. If you ever get down, remember, you’re in good company! Unfortunately, most of those GOPers are so old, by the time you are in office they will all be dead, and nobody will be calling you names… another thing to do when you get down: read the obituaries of all those old warmonger lyndenites, knowing that the young are much more diverse and open-minded, and know that progress is just a matter of waiting for the regressives to die out. They know it too, which is why the TEA party has any say at all. just a matter of time. good luck!

  4. […] and they put up a pretty entertaining response in the comments. I just might have to make myself another achievement award. Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  5. […] conservative achievement award” icon from the dustbin. I haven’t used it since Garin Wallace accused me of being a clown, an insult to the noble profession of clowning if I ever heard […]

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