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Primary Night Live-Blog

Welcome to our election night live-blog!

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, we are live at the Whatcom Democrats’ Election Night party at Chuckanut Brewery, where I am frantically hitting the refresh button on the County Auditor’s website. I imagine that Debbie Adelstein is about ready to just replace the election results with freaky 80’s claymation if we hit that button one more time.

While we are waiting, and my lovely wife is grabbing me a beer (spelling and grammar errors, here we come!), now is a good time to remind all you guys that this delightful font of journalism here at The Political Junkie is not what the business people call “a revenue generator,” so if you want to toss in a few bucks to our beer and research fund, you can do that here. All donations are anonymous and they really help cover the costs of keeping this site flying.

That said, let’s begin.

7:08 p.m. – Al Jensen, a Bellingham detective who took on Jason Overstreet last year, offered up his thoughts on the judicial races. “I think it will be Carrie (Coppinger-Carter) and David Grant. I think Deborra Garrett is relying on Bellingham for her votes and I just don’t think Bellingham can deliver a race anymore.”

Al and Sylvia Jensen

Kevin Ranker, when asked how tonight will go said, “Ask me in three hours. Actually, I think every race will turn out exactly as it should. Isn’t that the politically safest answer?”

Jeremy Lott, local conservative writer, arrived, officially making this event bipartisan. Lisa Herzog, field organizer for the Darcy Burner campaign peered into her crystal ball and predicted that, “My race won’t be settled tonight. I know, real shocker.”

Kristine Lytton, was quite bubbly tonight since her only challenger dropped out. She was

Steve Lydolf, former chair of the 42nd Democrats, offered his election prediction of, “The polls will close at 8 p.m..” He speculated that Darcy will do alright tonight because her supporters are much more devoted, having been cultivated over time, rather than recent converts to DelBene because of DelBene’s tv burst.

Rep. Kris Lytton takling wtih Steve Lydolf and Matt Krogh

Tim Johnson, up and coming political consultant (not the Cascadia Weekly publisher,) purchased us a beer and offered this piece of wisdom. “Inslee and McKenna is the national governor’s race to watch. If McKenna does well, we will have all this crazy tea party money flowing into our state.”

7:54 p.m.- Steve Harris and Whatcom Democrats’ super-volunteer, Aileen Satushek, discussed the gender politics that are playing out between McKenna and Inslee. “Inslee is a much more manly character, while McKenna comes across as this dweeb,” offered Satushek. Harris speculated that Jay Inslee is perhaps a part-time Clark Kent impersonator.

8:06 p.m. – Numbers are in! Cheers broke out as Kris Lytton received 100% of the vote. McKenna’s early strong numbers provoked some boos. I was disappointed that Carrie Coppinger Carter wasn’t able to muscle her way in-between David Grant and Deborra Garrett.

8:26 p.m. –Matt Krogh was quite pleased with his numbers. “It is within our margin of victory. When you figure in the conservative swing of the low turnout, this is a success.” While stopping by looking for numbers, Michael Lilliquist asked, “Wait you are blogging me? Jeez. I’m leaving now. Officially no comment!”

Here’s some pictures while I wait for more results.

Two City Councilmen and one intoxicated blogger. And Steve.

Kris Lytton, “Riley, show me the legislative races!”

Steve Harris and Tim Johnson listen as Jeremy Mohn reads out local numbers

Krogh and McClendon offering comment for the media

8:50 p.m. – Although King County hasn’t reported yet, I’m calling the Secretary of State race. Jim Kastama is out. When I announced that Kastama, democratic turncoat, was bumped out of the top two, the crowd went wild.

9:00 p.m. – Latest speculation from Al Jensen and Shane Roth was why Buys got about 40 votes less than Overstreet. Who are these people? Riley speculates that maybe they are Democrats who really like Overstreet’s child naming policy.

9:06 p.m. – Shane pointed out that Inslee was behind until King County came in, so apparently McKenna’s “peel off the King County Dems” strategy isn’t really working.

9:18 p.m. – And with that, I’m clocking out for the night. The one thing that is very clear to me is that we will really have a tight race in the 42nd Legislative District. For McClendon and Krogh to hold incumbents to that small of margins in such a conservative district is a testament to the strength of their campaigns and the dissatisfaction of the 42nd with their current representation.

Thank you all for reading! You can always support the good work we do by clicking our magic paypal button here.

Next morning update: I made the mistake of not linking my fellow blogger, although with a conservative bent, who was also at the event liveblogging. Jeremy Lott was there and you can get his perspective on the night’s events here in his article, “I am surrounded by Democrats”



  1. First results live now on SOS website at

    • Garret slightly ahead of Grant in the Whatcom Superior court race!!!! Yahoo! Both way ahead of Carter so far.

  2. Ranker, Morris and Lytton are just crushing the competition in the 40th!!! Was no doubt in my mind.

  3. Great blog Riley – thanks for being here for us!

  4. […] into those numbers in the next couple of days. If you missed my epic election night live-blog, you can find it here. If you want more pictures, you can find them on The Political Junkie facebook page […]

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