Posted by: sweeneyblog | July 27, 2012

Friday Odds and Ends: Polls, Class and the Past

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Hello Loyal Readers,

It is time, once again, for Friday Odds and Ends, all the little tidbits that are worth talking about, but not enough to make a full post.

1) I had a fantastic interview with Joe Teehan on AM930. We discussed obscure judicial races and why Jason Overstreet hates children. You can listen to it online here.

2) A whole fresh slew of polls have come out, and for the first time Inslee leads McKenna in the race for the governor’s mansion. While the poll is still within the margin of error, I attribute this to Inslee’s growing name recognition. Obama is whopping Romney in this state by a solid 10% spread, so it makes sense that as people connect Inslee with Democrat and McKenna with Republican, Inslee’s numbers will grow. Polls also show that Suzan Delbene’s slew of television ads (funded by her dumping 1.9 million dollars of her own money into the campaign,) have had a positive effect, with her overtaking Darcy Burner in a recent poll. Laura Ruderman, on the other hand, has not seen her numbers move despite aggressive negative ads being mailed and aired by a SuperPAC funded by her mother. Stay tuned next week when I explain that whole controversy . . . with sock puppets.

3) Another wrinkle in the governor’s race is that both candidates released their television ads recently. Let’s take a brief look at them to compare.

First of all, it is a very ACTIVE video. McKenna runs and leaps from scene to scene filled with a great bundle of energy. Under all that are the trappings of upper middle class. Just in the first fifteen seconds, you see McKenna at a desktop computer, at a laptop in his granite-topped sparkly kitchen, and then you see his daughter using an Ipad. Before you can register all that, it jumps to his other daughter and him, both bragging about having been class presidents at UW. It finishes with a shot of McKenna and his wife in their almost matching exercise outfits jogging through a pristine suburban background and then cuts to a group shot of McKenna with his family on their immaculate lawn. Usually, Republicans go out of their way to stress their connection to working people, their blue-collar roots and pull yourself up by your bootstraps story, but McKenna seems to instead be aiming straight at the Seattle yuppie market. An interesting strategy, we will see if it pays off.

Jay Inslee’s ad is almost a polar opposite. Peppered with old photos and blue-collar workers, the ad seems to emphasize the more “dirt under your fingernails approach.” Even his house, which you get a glimpse of in the beginning, has warm colors and less sparkle. Seems like both ads are aimed at expanding their voter pool beyond the usual base.

4) It looks like local candidate for Superintendent for Public Instruction, James Bauckman, faces some turbulence as the Herald uncovered his troubled past. Ironically enough, I was set to interview him today, but he was sick and we will reschedule. I look forward to getting his response to some of the issues raised, as well as his take on charter schools and assessment.

Life of a Journalist

5) Finally, I have been struggling to obtain emails pertaining to a wrongful termination lawsuit facing the county sheriff’s office. However, the public records officer, Mark Burnfield, has informed me they will be unable to meet the self-imposed deadline for releasing the emails because the county was, “unable to complete the legal review of the Corbin records in the time estimated.” This the second time they have delayed the release of these records citing “legal review” as the reason. I understand that some of the information will be redacted, as you would expect with any tangled legal matter, but considering my request was made on July 2nd, I wonder how much of the emails will remain after they are done black-lining them. Here is hoping that they release them soon so I can finish up this article.



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