Posted by: sweeneyblog | July 10, 2012

Onward to November – A Political Junkie Update

Hello Loyal Readers,

Updates from The Political Junkie

Hope you are enjoying the late but always welcome arrival of summer! If you missed it over the weekend, I had a short little post about Venn diagrams that is worth a glance, and I am still taking bets on the Veepstakes. Right now, I am gearing up for the wild ride to election day and wanted to give you guys some updates about The Political Junkie and a few other odds and ends. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1) The Political Junkie will be holding an election night live-blog for primary night! On August 7th, starting at around 7pm, I will be camped out at the Chuckanut Brewery where the Whatcom Democrats are having their election night party. As usual, anyone who buys me, or my lovely wife, a drink gets a mention on this blog.

2) Speaking of blatant bribery, if you want to support the good work that we do here at The Political Junkie, you can always throw us a few bucks for our expenses. We try to fill a market that is under-served in our community; highly focused political news, interviews and analysis that is missed by the heavy-hitters in town. Any dollars you donate I will use for maintaining this site, covering travel costs to events and printing costs when I do a public records request. You can also help by sharing a post on facebook, emailing it to your friends and encouraging them to subscribe (see button on your right).

3) We are rolling out a couple of new features in the next couple of weeks. Starting this week, we will be unveiling “Friday Odds and Ends”. Every Friday, I will publish the handful of tidbits, links and events that I run across that are interesting . . . but not quite enough to justify a full post. Think of it as the casserole dish of Junkie stew.

“Yes . . . Riley is a self-indulgent schmuck . . . go on . . .”

4) The other feature you may have noticed is this. Yeah, the obnoxious pictures of me starting to litter this site. I did a brainstorming session with a couple wise mentors who pointed out that half the fun of seeing me talk about politics is, well, seeing me. Apparently, I am mildly animated when I get rolling. So my expert photographer of a wife (hire her today!) took a series of photos that I will be using to help illustrate some posts. If people find them obnoxious, I’ll let it go, if people like them, let me know below.

5) Finally, we aim to keep up our pace of 2-3 posts a week onward through election day, with a whole slew of posts analyzing the results at the end, but don’t make this a one way street. Everyone is always welcome to comment and join in the fun.

That’s it for the updates! This week, we should have some news on the brewing Sheriff’s office scandal, an examination of upcoming local ballot measures, and perhaps a discussion about the Port.



  1. I get a kick outta the pics. It’s good to not take ones self too seriously, especially in politics.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like.

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