Posted by: sweeneyblog | June 27, 2012

Editorials in the Herald

Hello Loyal Readers,

Dan Pike

As many of you know, Dan Pike and I have not always seen eye to eye on things as diverse as campaign tactics, Occupy Bellingham, and phone etiquette, however he recently took to the editorial page of the Bellingham Herald to make the case for a right-sized downtown Jail.

You can read his editorial here.

He is absolutely right. As I outlined recently, we cannot build the sprawling Jail-zilla, which is too big and too expensive for our community. So good job, Dan Pike, and thumbs up.

Also, my letter to the editor calling for support for Ref. 74 got published online and will see print sometime soon, I hope.

You can read it here

I have a couple of articles in the hopper to roll out this week or the next. I have an interview with the Ban the Fireworks folks, I have an expose on a wrongful termination lawsuit within the Sheriff’s office, and an interesting commentary on the Young Democrats of Whatcom County’s endorsements. Stay tuned!


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