Posted by: sweeneyblog | June 6, 2012

Jay Inslee should send Wisconsin Dems a thank you letter

Sorry for the lack of posting folks, I’m still figuring out how to make this blog work with a full-time schedule. Don’t worry, we will get back up to full speed soon.

Recall Scott Walker, I like the sound of that

Last night, Republican Scott Walker, who is currently under federal investigation for a number of corruption charges, fended off a recall attempt by Wisconsin Democrats. Hopes were high going into the night, but in the end, Walker prevailed 53-46. While this is depressing, especially for Labor who poured so much energy into that race, it should be very heartening for Democrats on a large scale.

Walker raised and spent over 30 million dollars to save his job. That is a big chunk of change and almost all of that money came from out of state. Wealthy republican donors opened their wallets and wrote big checks. Why is this a good thing? Political fundraising is a zero sum game.

Occasionally, you can inspire people to give more than they are comfortable spending but usually people spend a set amount on politics and that does not change. So that $30 million that was spent? It is not going to be spent saving Mitt Romney in Florida where he trails Obama by four points. It is not going to be spent ensuring corporate tool Scott Brown beats out consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren in the race for Massachusetts Senate, and locally, it means that Rob McKenna won’t have that extra $30 million he is going to need if he is going to close the deal with Washington Voters.

Rob McKenna has an uphill race in this state. Democrats have an institutional advantage in terms of voter registration, organization and political tilt. He will need the money to promote himself, or more likely, smear the holy heck out of Jay Inslee. Without a serious investment of out of state money, he isn’t going to be able to take the Governor’s mansion, and Wisconsin just made his job that much harder.

So thank you Wisconsin Dems! We were very sad to see Walker win, but we appreciate that you made him fight for it. It might be the lost battle that saves the war.



  1. Every cloud has a silver lining?

  2. This is somewhat true, but would be more true if we were on the donor system that we delude ourselves into believing exists : ie that there are a hundreds of lower end multi millionaires who might part with $100,000 each, or that there are thousands of slightly rich donors who will part with $2000 each.

    Sadly, Citizens United means that no, that 30 million may not have emptied the wallets out of a hundred oil barons or emptied the wallets of thousands of stock brokers and business owners. The lion’s share of that 30 million may have come from three or four guys who have hundreds of billions of dollars, who didn’t even flinch at chump change like ten million bucks.

  3. That is an excellent point. Scott Walker’s supporters had to spend over 30 million dollars just to keep him in office less than halfway through the term. The 1% can’t pull that rabbit out of its collective and lavishly embroidered hat too often.

    Remember, rich people tend to be very very cheap.

    • THat money,to a large extent, is flowing into republican bussinesses in Wisconsin.

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