Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 11, 2012

In honor of Publicola’s demise, a Morning Fizz

Hello Loyal Readers,

Here are some little local news tidbits worth sharing.

Darshan Rauniyar

Darshan Rauniyar recent came out as the only candidate in the 1st Congressional district OPPOSED to the Gateway Pacific Project. In a recent press release, he stressed his opposition to the terminal because it would, “threaten our air quality, marine wildlife, and contaminate soil in communities along the proposed rail line.” Darshan continues to surprise me in his ability to stand out in a very crowded field of candidates.

As I alluded to in my title, Seattle-based news website Publicola folded earlier this week, although the reporting staff will be absorbed by Crosscut. For those of you who don’t know, Publicola was the Politico of Washington state, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. They were a solely web-based news organization that focused on insider baseball-style reporting of local politics. They even linked me a couple times! I am very sad to see them go. As local coverage continues to dwindle, we become more and more reliant on citizen-based efforts like The Political Junkie. So if you want to help, show your support.

In other local political news, Bill Elfo has got a new scheme to stick the taxpayers with a giant jail that is too big and too expensive for Whatcom County. No, you aren’t traveling back in time, Elfo is just at it again. I will have a more in-depth take-down of his efforts next week.

Next, sources close to the situation (i.e. John Servais) are hinting at a big shake-up at NWCitizen, so stay tuned this month.

I appeared on The Joe Show earlier this week, check it out here for my take on Jason Overstreet‘s Leprechaun Economics, and Mitt Romney‘s white erase board.

Finally, filing week is next week and I plan to do some serious coverage of what goes on, although I am not sure if people are interested in a courthouse live-blog like last year. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see in the comments below.



  1. Given that Elfo has sold the Executive on a “campus” style jail and was giving him a tour of the Sheriff’s dept. recently; I predict a new sheriff HQ will be part of the deal…

    Now that there is no election to get in the way of what he really wants, no time will be wasted to repackage what was released in the Draft EIS in late 2010.

    Simply read the website listing Mr Elfo and his Chief as “technical advisers”. What a coincidence that most of his campaign “advisers” and volunteers comprise the committee…

  2. Just listened to the Joe Show interview and you already pointed out what I said in the previous post…oh well.

  3. […] demeanor in addressing issues has appealed to some people. He also is the only candidate to fully opposed the Cherry Point facility, a move which should win him some votes. In the “post-Occupy Wall Street” era, a […]

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