Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 7, 2012

New Feature: Voter’s Guide

Hello Loyal Readers,

Brand New Feature: Voter’s Guide

I am proud to introduce a brand new feature for The Political Junkie: The Voter’s Guide!

Up at the top of the page, underneath that lovely banner, you can find three tabs. The first is the “About” page, where you can find out a little bit more about me. The second, “How You Can Help,”  is very, very important and I urge everyone to click on it right now.

Seriously. Go do it now. I’ll wait.

Most excitingly, there is our new Voter’s Guide.  As 2012 approaches, you will want easy to access information on each race on the ballot. Our Voter’s Guide is here to help. It is organized as a sample ballot and under each race, you will find all the pertinent posts from the Political Junkie. Take a look, you might find something you missed.

After that, you will definitely want to click the “How You Can Help” button. I know you do.


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