Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 16, 2012

Laura Ruderman Clarifies Position on Cherry Point

This is a quick post before I finish up my Roger Goodman interview, which should be live later today. Laura Ruderman’s quote about the proposed Cherry Point facility has been getting some attention, most notably from the Bellingham Herald Politics Blog  who linked my interview (thank you!). She has since clarified her comments:

Laura Ruderman

“Let me be very clear that I do not support a coal port. What I have stated support for is moving forward with the 2-4 year environmental review of the building of a multi-use port at Cherry Point. This has been in the comp plan for the county for more than 25 years.

The whole point of this review is to determine the effect of a port on the environment around Cherry Point. I know that these reviews work. My mother and stepfather live on the Maury Island portion of Vashon. They were very involved with fighting the proposed gravel mine there. Ultimately, by working through the established process, they were able to prove that the gravel mine could not pass the requisite environmental tests.

Like you, I am opposed to coal being the major export. *If* the project can pass muster and be built, we are talking about at least 5-6 years before anything is shipped. The commodities markets are fickle, and I am hopeful that as we move through this process, we can find a different commodity to be the major export.

Should I be elected, I will work hard to make sure that the environmental process is fair and that we find something other than coal to be the major export.”


You can find my earlier interview with Laura Ruderman here.



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  2. There is no need for any type of port added to Cherry Point since any capacity for another pier should be included with an industry and not simply an export terminal.
    There’s also no way to feed enough of any product to the site to make shipping worthwhile.
    Cherry Point is ‘built out’ as far as accommodating ships is concerned and SSA’s 1500 foot pier makes that perfectly clear.
    I’ve had plans on my table for 25 years too
    but that doesn’t mean they were ever a good idea.

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