Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 17, 2012

The Political Junkie readers report

Hello Loyal Readers (see, still working on that catchphrase . . .),

Thank you to everyone who participated in our reader survey last month. I have over 60 responses and it was enormously helpful. If you are interested in the numbers, click the “Read More” button below.

First question was by far the most critical for me. What sort of content would you like to see more of on The Political Junkie? Here’s the answers:

Type of Article

Short version: I’m the Political Junkie. Don’t bother with the other stuff, stick to local politics, and dig in deep.

However, people were less decided on issues. I realize there is plenty of overlap on these catagories but just about everyone was interested in some stories on all these subjects.

What topics would you like me to cover in more depth?

Next up was the issue of how often I should post. The consensus here is that readers check the site about once a week, so if I throw up a couple articles per week, that should cover it. Phew.

How often do you check The Political Junkie?

I really highly recommend that regular readers click the button over on the right column that says “Subscribe”. That way, you don’t have to wait until someone tells you about it, or you see something on our facebook page, you can get the article delivered right to your email box.

Where do you live? Just about all my readership is in Whatcom County, and Bellingham specifically. There are a few pockets of readers in Seattle and Olympia (Hi Dad!), but mainly the people looking for local content are, surprise, locals.


Where are you from?


The last question I threw in there just to see what the political persuasion of my readership is. It is almost overwhelmingly liberals. Sure, some of you say you are independents that lean liberal, or full on socialists, and there is a handful of conservatives that read, but a majority of my responses were on the left side of the dial.


Thank you everyone who participated. It helps me know who’s out there, so I can write to my readership. Stay tuned later this week for some local interviews.



  1. You’re too young but, in the old days there was a television show that would have let you use, as a catch phrase “Welcome to, The Life of Riley”

    See you later Roscoe… Sweeny that is (come on, you’re a comic book fan)

    • I have actually listened to several episodes of the Life of Riley, but never seen it on television. Love it!

  2. […] care of before 2013 comes crashing in. That is our Reader’s Survey. Last year, I conducted a reader’s survey that helped shape what sort of content to produce in 2012. You, the loyal readers, let me know […]

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