Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 29, 2011

The Redistricting Committee has Maps, and they are Weird

Our bipartisan committee to redraw the political boundaries of the State of Washington has cranked out some draft maps in the last couple of weeks that have big changes in store for Whatcom County. You can see the entire proposals in an easy to use Google Map form here. Let’s take a look at what is probably in store.

Legislative Maps: The plan here is very discouraging. Without a Democratic representative to advocate for keeping the 42nd balanced,  the committee decided to trade away the 42nd for a better bargain on other districts. As a result, the new boundary takes six of our most Democratic precincts in the 42nd (York and southern Bellingham) and sweeps them into the 40th. The good news is that it makes Kevin Ranker, Jeff Morris and Kris Lytton into mostly guaranteed safe seats. The bad news is that the 42ndLD becomes much a safer seat for such hyper-partisan extremists like Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys.

Legislative Districts

Congressional Maps: By far the more thrilling news, Whatcom County will have two representatives next year. All of Bellingham remains in the 2nd Congressional district with Rick Larsen as our congressman. However there is a  new 1st district stretches in a spindly crescent moon from East King County up to include all the county portions of Whatcom. This means that we will be in the district of a couple good hopefuls. You can find them here. My personal favorite is fire-breathing progressive Darcy Burner. If you want to elect our own Elizabeth Warren, Darcy Burner should be your choice for Congress. On the Republican side of the map, John Koster is in the 1st district now, as is known partisan hack and recent electoral loser Doug Ericksen. Mr. Ericksen has already purchased domain names for running for Congress and has consulted a few GOP strategists about entering the race. Either way it will be an interesting cycle.

Congressional Maps (Corrected)



  1. Riley I think you have the new 1st and 2nd Districts mixed up on the map. Bellingham and the San Juans will remain in #2. Blaine, Lynden, Ferndale, Mt. Vernon, Kirkland, Redmond etc etc constitute the new #1.

    You have the San Juans and Bellingham in new #1 and Lynden to Redmond in the new #2

    • Good catch. Just fixed it.

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