Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 9, 2011

Rep. Larsen’s Rapid Response

If you haven’t heard, three Rep. Rick Larsen staffers are idiots. Okay, that’s a little harsh but there’s no other way around it. You can get the whole story here. Short version: Three very bored staffers were drinking on the job, trash-talking their boss and then tweeting about it. Now the tweets were marked “Private” but they went out to enough people that someone shared them with the right-wing blog “NW Daily Marker” which wrote about it.

I want to commend Rep. Rick Larsen for his swift and appropriate response. He fired them. Within the hour. He released a straightforward statement saying that the rest of the staff didn’t know, the office is very sorry and that the three offenders are fired. End of story.

So what is the take-away? First, never bite the hand that feeds you. Talking trash about your boss only works if you are employed by Sanitation Services. Other than that, it is asking for trouble. If nothing else, it makes for a hostile work environment. You think they won’t find out? They will. Second, social media has granted everyone a megaphone. Now we can broadcast our failures, mistakes and stupidity much quicker than before. Goddess knows, you guys have had to slog through the occasional typo here. I try to live by the rule, never post anything you would be ashamed to see in the newspaper. With that principle, you can avoid most problems.

Again, good work Rep. Larsen’s team for nipping that in the bud. Let’s hope that this is the last story of its kind for a while, but I know it is only a matter of time before someone else says something stupid online.



  1. I’d be taking a serious look at the person who hired those three, and wondering if they were an anomaly or a pattern of disrespect and stupidity.

  2. […] buy local, when it comes to campaign managers, to examine the quality of those around them and to take care when hiring political staff. Whatcom Dems Chair Mike Estes and myself at a Labor […]

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