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Election Night Live-Blog

Hello Loyal Readers,

Ballots in boxes

Here we are, live from the County Auditor’s office. It is deathly quiet here, the only possible  noise is from the occasional voter bustling in the hand in their ballot. The staff are puttering away and that’s it. But on a plus side, the blog is working smoothly.

While we are waiting for things to get started, I’d like to mention that this is an all-volunteer effort here at The Political Junkie, so if you want to support the work we do, you can do that here.

We also have a facebook page here that you can like and get all the updates.

6:43pm – I just talked with Taylor and a slew of Center of New Media volunteers here at the Auditor’s office. They are preparing to interview Cathy Lehman at the Brandywine, and getting oriented. I’m very curious about their effort tonight.

Pete Kremen at Jalepenos

7:03 pm –  Made a brief visit to the Pete Kremen election party. Pete was feeling upbeat, if cautious. “What’s the turnout, you think?” He asked. “Last year, Tony did pretty well in Bellingham, but I’m not sure about it this year. Larson was a more common name than Melious, I think that had something to do about it.” He is accompanied by his lovely wife, and an entourage of volunteers and supporters. After a quick stop, we are headed over to J. Lynne Walker’s party.

7:16pm –J. Lynne Walker is buzzing with energy when she arrives at her election night party. “I’ve been calm and collected all day, but now it is here and I am wired!”  Her campaign manager, Jeremy Mohn said, “This is like Christmas morning, there’s a naughty list and a nice list!” He’s excited to be at the finish line, no matter the results.

J. Lynne Walker

7:22pm –Someone just passed on this awesome comparison between Pete Kremen’s campaign picture and . . . well . . .the Brawny guy.

7:30pm –Since this is my night with the megaphone, I’d like to give a tip of the hat to Jeremy Mohn, who is a true rising star in the world of politics here in Whatcom. No matter who this race turns out, he did a fantastic job and I give him a shout out here. And he didn’t even have to buy me a beer.

Jeremy in action

8pm – After a brief stop at the Brandywine (it was waaaaay too packed to do much broadcast), I’m here at the Copper Hog. It is packed with KGMI set up to broadcast live, and the Center for New Media people interview anyone and everyone in the corner. Lots of people are mobbing anyone with a computer desperate for results.

8:11pm -Technical difficulties. Dang.

8:38pm – So apparently having tons of people on the Copper Hog wireless crashed it AND my laptop ran out of charge. We have relocated to the Horseshoe and I’m using my brother’s laptop. But enough about me, the results are in, so check them out here. It is an interesting mix, first off I would say there is a triumph of moderation in Whatcom County. Jack Louws, the calm moderate voice is leading over firebrand Doug Ericksen, Kelli Linville is leading over pugilist Dan Pike, and Pete Kremen is leading over Tea Party darling Tony Larson. Another interpretation is that we like our old family names in Whatcom, with Kremen, Linville, and Louws all having lived here for many many years. However, Doug Ericksen is not exactly a new-comer and seeing him handed his first defeat is . . . very satisfying, especially considering his behavior over the last year.

8:47pm – My favorite result so far is Christina Maginnis. She is within 600 votes of toppling Sam Crawford. Christina ran a very hard campaign and has a serious chance of being our next County Council woman.I give her a full clap.

8:52pm – I have some more pictures but I can’t add them via Devlin’s laptop so that will have to wait. I will be doing election analysis tomorrow on The Joe Show on 930AM KBAI at Noon so tune in to get the whole scoop. I will also be blogging here when I’m a little more focused. For now, I’m logging off, I might be on later tonight but this is it for me right now. Cheers.

Update from the next morning: Here are some of the other pictures from last night.

Cathy Lehman at the Brandywine

Stan Snapp getting interviewed at the Copper Hog

The Copper Hog was packed for Kelli's party




  1. Jeraldo Kremen:)

  2. Let’s hear it for Devlin’s laptop. But shouldn’t he be studying?

  3. Thanks for the great rundown!

  4. Next electionI will only support candidates that have their election night gathering at the Horseshoe. Plus a shout out to Ann-Marie: it was great seeing you.

  5. Kudos, Riley!

  6. I believe I am due 2 gratuitous shout outs!

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