Posted by: sweeneyblog | November 7, 2011

Upcoming Live-Blog on Election Night

The Political Junkie, ready to roll

Hello Loyal Readers,

This Tuesday, starting at 5:30pm, I will be live-blogging the election results right here from The Political Junkie. My lovely wife and I, along with a motley crew of friends and family, will be staggering from one election party to another. I will be interviewing candidates, before and after the election results and getting lots of pictures of the festivities.

Check out my liveblog from the 2011 Primary to get a feel for what it will be like. Here is our tentative schedule of events:

6:30pm: Jalepenos with Pete Kremen.

7:00pm: Chuckanut Brewery with J. Lynne Walker.

7:30pm:  Brandywine with Cathy Lehman, Christina Maginnis and Alan Black.

8:00pm: The Copper Hog with Kelli Linville.

So come and join the fun. As with last time, anyone who buys my wife or I a drink gets a mention in the blog in a shameless attempt to trade publicity for booze.

I also hear word that KGMI is going to be assembling a fantastic election night show, possibly including John Servais from NWCitizen. Also, Todd Donovan (WWU Political Science Professor, and Washington Conservation Voters Board Member) and Gene Knutzen (City Councilman) will be doing local election coverage streaming online here. It will be hosted by City Clerk of Ferndale Sam Taylor, which should add an interesting dimension to their coverage of the Ferndale Mayor’s race, considering the inherent conflict of interest. And no mention of conflicts of interest would be complete without mentioning Sam Crawford and his ethical concerns.

Enough chit-chat. I hope to see you this Tuesday at one of those events I listed. Tune in right here and refresh frequently for all the best information on election night. See you then!



  1. Hey Riley! Just want you to know the 5:30pm time was wrong in the Dems newsletter, we’re not kicking off until 7pm… sorry if that throws a monkey wrench in your evening extravaganza. 🙂

    • Well dang. Okay, I’ve rearranged the schedule. See you tomorrow!

  2. Seriously Riley………… trading a drink for shameless publicity…. what has our op/ed media come to? HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

  3. Hi Riley,
    Thanks for the info. But am I alone in wondering why our community turns only to men? If we’re looking for current or former elected officials with opinions there are several women on the list. And out in the community there are smart and informed women – including prominent business women – who would bring a terrific perspective.

    It will be a relief when we elect our first woman mayor!

    • Wondered that myself. Where are the female commentators? Our only female city councilwoman and first female mayor, and we’re just hearing from guys? Grrr.

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