Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 26, 2011

Sam Crawford Fumbles Ethical Questions

Hello Loyal Readers,

More short blurbs with video. Frequent readers of The Political Junkie will remember Sam Crawford’s numerous ethical lapses with the disappearing emails. This issue was even featured in an attack ad playing right now on a cable station near you (you can find it online here) Truly, this was a symptom of a larger problem (i.e. he was destroying evidence of unethical behavior, we didn’t get the evidence, just the cover-up).

Recently, Crawford had to answer questions about it in a public forum and his answer was . . . well . . . less than convincing. You can find the whole debate on Btv10 here, but some snarky fellow (honestly, I don’t know who) made this clip of just that answer with their own personalized subtitles. Enjoy


You can read the interview I did with his opponent, Christina Maginnis, here.



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    Keep up the great work, friend!

  2. […] blog (see right there, the first check point) as one of its resources. I did some research about Sam Crawford’s ethical problems and compiled them here. Now I have been quite critical of Washington Conservation Voter’s […]

  3. […] I also hear word that KGMI is going to be assembling a fantastic election night show, possibly including John Servais from NWCitizen. Also, Todd Donovan (WWU Political Science Professor, and Washington Conservation Voters Board Member) and Gene Knutzen (City Councilman) will be doing local election coverage streaming online here. It will be hosted by City Clerk of Ferndale Sam Taylor, which should add an interesting dimension to their coverage of the Ferndale Mayor’s race, considering the inherent conflict of interest. And no mention of conflicts of interest would be complete without mentioning Sam Crawford and his ethical concerns. […]

  4. […] How are we holding up? Sick of maps and charts yet? We are coming down the final stretch. Last posts, I examined the Lynden Suburbs, and before that the Louws/Ericksen race. Today, I am examining Christina Maginnis‘ race where she failed to prevail over ethically-challenged incumbent Sam Crawford. […]

  5. […] business and has been reprimanded. See my previous reporting on this subject here, and then again here and […]

  6. […] our water quality? A deal so good that conservative county councilman, and secretive emailer, Sam Crawford supports it? A deal that cost Tony Larson his seat on the council because he was too partisan to […]

  7. […] about finding corruption in your local government. Naturally, I thought he was going to discuss tax giveaways to local developers, sweetheart land deals, or moonlighting city employees, but I was wrong. “Homelessness […]

  8. […] the County Councilman who took $60,000 in corporate cash to buy the county council in 2009? While Ericksen hasn’t been caught deleting evidence, he still is plagued by similar ethical […]

  9. […] creating a conflict of interest as a councilman. He has tried to explain away the issues (see here and here) but his last election was a nailbiter, with Christina Maginnis almost unseating the […]

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