Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 25, 2011

Doug Ericksen Denies Threatening Journalist?

On Oct. 24th, Doug Ericksen and Jack Louws were both interviewed on KGMI. You can find that interview here. During that interview, Doug Ericksen was asked about his attempt in March to get Citizen Journalist Shane Roth arrested for filming his public meeting. You find my write-up about this incident here. Now Shane Roth, friend of The Political Junkie and local blogger under the handle “ApexNerd”, responded to this question (with the sound clip from the show) below and frankly is spot on.

I agree completely.
Attending a public meeting is not crashing a wedding, and saying “Do we need to call the police” is threatening with arrest. It is clear as day what Doug thinks of people who don’t agree with him, or the general public for that matter. Please, don’t vote for Doug Ericksen.

If you are looking for more about Doug Ericksen, check out my recent posts about his plans to eliminate a worker’s right to organize, and his plans to dismantle the county unions.



  1. Bwaa–haa! Ericksen compares a public town-hall to a private wedding? Bwaa-haa! Apexnerd “combative”? Thanks to both of you for further exposing this man as someone who is actually intolerant and threatening public dialog and open information.

    Also, I totally know that location but your secret is safe with me….for a price.

  2. Apparently the secret location was the year 2007. Nice Delorean.

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