Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 13, 2011

Blogs in Progress

Hello Loyal Readers (by the way, hoping for this as a catchphrase, is it working?)

"Whatcha working on?"

With election day looming closer, I wanted to give a quick preview of upcoming blog posts, so that you will know to tune in.

1) The Case for Harris. Steve Harris is running for Sheriff, and while the race is getting very little coverage in the Herald, it deserves a look.

2) Riley’s Voting Recommendations. Yes, I will breakdown how I’m voting in each race and link to resources so that you can figure out your ballot.

3) Eldridge Neighborhood Stroll. Bryna and I will be taking a photograph wander through our historic Eldridge neighborhood and posting pictures.

4) An Election-night live-blog. Since last time was such a roaring success, I am planning to do it again. There will be several election parties I will be stumbling to, and you can follow the inanity right here.

I will also post with updates to some of my previous posts that are developing stories. Obviously the Occupy Bellingham movement, and the further unveiling of redistricting maps might warrant posts.

If there is some pressing issue that you think deserves a blog post, leave it in the comments or email me directly and I will see what I can do. Stay Strong and Carry On!



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