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Occupy Bellingham Rally

Occupy Bellingham, 350 People Strong

The Occupy Wall Street movement has sparked echoes across the country, and one of those was in Bellingham where over 350 not-millionaires showed up to protest wealth inequality.

That’s really what these protests are about more than anything else, the rich control such outrageous amounts of money while the middle class and the poor are at their breaking point. This happens over and over in the course of history, when the poor and merchant class have been squeezed by the wealthy and powerful so that they feel they no longer have any chance of building a life for themselves, that is when revolutions occur. They can be violent or non-violent, political or economics-based, but drastic change is building and these are the first signs.

I have written before about “The Forgotten Generation” and how financial austerity is gutting the next wave of workers, but this is finally people taking to the streets and putting voice to their outrage.

The corporate media has been ridiculing this movement for the last couple of weeks, saying that it has no focus or that their demands are over the top. I think they are intentionally missing the point. The focus of these protests is pretty clear, the rich have been screwing us and we are outraged The demands all boil down to one basic thing; stop screwing us over. Simple as that. When wealthy corporations are getting huge bailouts and NOT reinvesting them, instead pocketing the paycheck overseas, that is screwing us. When Bank of America reinstates hidden account fees after expressly forbidden by law, that’s screwing us. When market speculators artificially inflate the cost of gas, that’s screwing us.

Speaking Truth

And we aren’t going to take it anymore. We need good jobs, fair wages, and a 180 degree turn around for our corporate culture. This is just the beginning.

As for the event itself, it was well-behaved and orderly.Kelli Linville and Terry Bornemann both showed up to support the cause.

Kelli Linville at Occupy Bellingham

There was one incident of note. Around 4:40pm, a big black truck pulled up. It had a big Bellingham Tea Party Sign erected in the back on a wooden frame, and he floored his engine to pump thick black smoke into the crowd. He peeled out and most in the crowd chalked it up to one guy being a jerk.

However, he circled around and was going to make another pass, so the protesters occupied the street (aka blocked it) so that this guy couldn’t get through. Citizen journalist and friend of the blog, Shane Roth was on hand to capture this altercation on film.

Shane is a citizen journalist and videographer who regularly records public meetings. Frequent readers might remember him as the guy Doug Ericksen tried to have arrested.

Anyways, aside from that, the protest was peaceful. The Bellingham Police did a phenomenal job of making sure everything went smoothly, hats off to them. I was pleasantly surprised by both the number of people and variety. This was not the handful of people who show up to protest for ending the war, but rather a wide swath of people deeply unhappy about our economic conditions.

Below are some of my pictures from the event:

It was most non-partisan, aside from this guy

Too Big to Fail Indeed

My favorite sign of the day

Our Boys in Blue did a great job

All Ages Event

Photo credit to Elizabeth K. for this one



  1. Awesome!!! 🙂

  2. I can think of no better segue to the following post than thick black smoke blowing from a Tea Party truck. Well, perhaps if he was flying a Concorde jet, but that’s unlikely.

  3. Great Post…Really good coverage of the event.

  4. Riley,

    Thanks for the coverage. Good work.

    I suspect this whole thing has more to do with the election next year than anything else i.e., if the people don’t like what you are doing, rile them up against someone else.

    A couple of good quotes happened across my e-mail desk recently that, I think, apply to the whole thing.

    “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle” Winston Churchill

    “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” Shaw

    The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other. Ronald Reagan

    One tax I would happily see is one with the funds dedicated to going after the bankers and others who brought down the economy only to be propped up by the government because, “They are too big to allow us to let them fail.” The money that was supposed to be used to help the people was, with the assistance of the White House, used instead to purchase other banks. A government unwilling to put proper controls on a massive dispersal of funds is a government that should be put out to pasture.

  5. For those supporting the Occupy Movements in Washington, please consider signing the petition for a publicly controlled State Bank of Washington. Currently all of our public funds are deposited with Bank of America

  6. An important movement long awaited. But, the fella who keyed my auto in the midst of this demonstration is mostly an angry fool…hating is a complete waste of time and natural-born idiots were quite simply among us.
    Yuck to such heroics.

  7. Very happy to have found your site while looking for a reliable source for Occupy Bellingham news, especially upcoming rallys. I would like to introduce Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth into the narrative. Over 1600 (and growing) verified and licensed architects and engineers state that the government story of what occurred to the twin towers and building 7 could not have occurred based on the evidence. They are calling for an independent investigation. Their evidence shows that while planes did fly into the towers, all three buildings were actually brought down by controlled demolition. They are wisely not speculating as to who may have done this or why, leaving that to the results of the investigation. However, the importance of a reliable investigation is obvious given the past decade of US domestic and foreign policy based on the government’s story..

    The Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Bellingham and 911Truth issues clearly dovetail. Who benefited and continues to benefit from 911? Take a look at the

  8. I’ve been visualizing that the working class and the small business owners of the center and the right will join this movement–as they too realize that their political reps have also been bought and paid for and are not truly representing their interests … Imagine the power of this movement if we could get all sides to understand that it’s all of us in one boat now–in a country where our Democracy can no longer function due to criminal corporate influence–for me this is the central issue and should be at the top of all demand lists–regardless of one’s political leanings…so I showed up, played some music on an instrument that was common during the first Great Depression, and made this video…it’s posted in an online community where both the left and the right coexist rather peacefully…I’ve already made a few converts…maybe there is hope…

  9. Nov 17th is a national “Occupy” target date. Jobs Not Cuts –

  10. […] will also post with updates to some of my previous posts that are developing stories. Obviously the Occupy Bellingham movement, and the further unveiling of redistricting maps […]

  11. I would love to see two rallys one on Friday and one on Saturday. I know this household would be attending on Saturday and many of those on Friday would likely do the same.

  12. Great post! Thanks.

  13. […] about my attempt to crash the Tea Party rally in 2010 with a satirical sign, about attending an Occupy Bellingham march and my pitifully unsuccessful attempt to go undercover at a Freedom Foundation candidate […]

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