Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 5, 2011

One Day for Labor?

Editor’s Note: Here was a piece that I wrote for the local Dems, but I feel strongly about it and want to share my thoughts with you, my loyal readers.

With recent victories for labor locally with the negotiation of the Verizon contract, the speedy resolution of the Bellingham School teacher’s strike, and the negotiating efforts happening all over Whatcom in good faith, it is important to recognize the deep roots the Labor movement has.

By now, Labor Day will have come and gone. Personally, I think it is obscene that we have only one day to remember the years of struggle the working people has made in this country.  One day to remember the blood spilt by corporate thugs  who brought batons to break up the picket line, One day, to remember the collapsed coal mines, the poisoned food, the lost workers, the starving people, victims of monied interests run amuck. One day to remember is far too few for the sacrifices made.

This year, on any given day, don’t just remember those who have fought for your rights, join them.

Join the Jobs with Justice group, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Labor temple on State street. Contact the Northwest Washington Labor Council today and ask how you can help. Get involved with YOUR local union. Buy union-made products, support union businesses. Stand together, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow workers, and work for a better tomorrow.

Recently, we have seen ugly, aggressive efforts in Wisconsin
, but also here in Washington and Whatcom County, to dismantle, negate or eliminate our right to organize. The Whatcom Democrats stand ready, to push back against all those who ignore the needs of workers.

In Solidarity,
           J.  Riley Sweeney

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