Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 14, 2011

The Political Junkie will be Live-Blogging on Election Night

Hello Loyal Readers,

The Political Junkie, and his lovely wife, will be live-blogging on election night so you can get all the rumor-mongering, gnashing of teeth, and of course, nervous political prognosticating live on this site. We will be starting our “broadcast” just before 7pm at the Copper Hog where we will be mingling with the David Stalheim for County Executive crowd, before heading over to the Chuckanut Brewery for the Kelli Linville primary night party. I picked these two because I’m pretty sure I can get wireless there. If that changes, I might meander elsewhere.

UPDATE: We’ve added one more stop on our pubcrawl. We will be starting out with the Harris for Sheriff celebration at 6:30pm. This will be crazy.

Now, I’m not saying that I am open to bribes, but anyone who buys me a beer just might appear on this blog Tuesday night. Just saying.

See you then!

Primary Night 2010 with two fellow troublemakers.



  1. First, who is that whisker-less fresh faced kid in the photo? Is that how you’re going to look tonight? Second, try to avoid any BUIs tonight. Blogging Under the Influence.

  2. Stalheim and Linville? That’s it? No Pike? No Elfo? No Anderson?

    Oh, I see, you added Harris.

    You should come up to Ferndale to the Norbert party… kegger with jello shooters !

    • Tempting. I actually might swing by the Pike event, I just usually have trouble getting reception at Boundary Bay. Anderson is a little out of car range and conflicts with Stalheim’s event. I don’t even know where Elfo’s event is. Actually, going to Doug Ericksen might have been fascinating, but the wife would disapprove.

      • Which wife? Yours or his?

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