Posted by: sweeneyblog | July 13, 2011

Delays and my new job

Hello Loyal Readers,

I’m sorry for the delay on posts recently. I have some interesting stuff in the pipeline, but was recently hired to run Pete Kremen’s campaign for County Council, so that has been my priority for the last two weeks. If you haven’t already, follow Pete Kremen on facebook here, or check out our website at




UPDATE: As of Sept. 1st, I am no longer associated with the Pete Kremen campaign. It was a mutual positive decision on our parts. I still urge everyone to vote for Pete this November.



  1. Good luck Riley Ol Boy!!!! Pete is in good hands.

  2. […] cannot be said about Tony Larson, who took every answer as an opportunity to bash his opponent (and now my boss) Pete Kremen. I would have liked to hear more about Tony’s ideas for Whatcom, rather than […]

  3. […] am also the Campaign Manager for Pete Kremen as he runs for County Council, and he has asked me to keep a low profile on some […]

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