Posted by: sweeneyblog | June 2, 2011

My prediction on Anthony #Weinergate

Okay, I’ll keep this brief because I feel like it is a cheap story. Short version, Rep. Anthony Weiner, noted liberal firebrand, had been tweeting about Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas’ ethical violations last Friday. Justice Thomas and his wife had been not reporting all sorts of income to the IRS, from various sources (most concerning, a group crusading against the new Healthcare Law). This would require the Justice to recuse himself when the law comes before the court. Justice Thomas was compelled to release these records after it was discovered, and under much pressure (and threat of legal action) he released them Friday afternoon when he hoped nobody was looking.

Rep. Weiner noticed and repeatedly retweeted them. Later that night, a post of a picture of a man in his underwear appeared on his twitter feed as a tweet to a young Whatcom Community College student, whom he had never met before, but was a fan of his. A conservative blogger saw it, grabbed a screenshot and sent it to always reliable Andrew Breitbart (who brought you the ACORN scandal and Planned Parenthood “sting” among other things).  Now, a number of things became apparent in the next couple of days:

1) There are alot of jokes you can make about this story. Literally a treasure trove. The guys name is Rep. Weiner for Goddess sake!!

2) This could have easily been a hacker. More than a couple of people were able to recreate the tweet with very little effort.

3) People are jumping over Anthony Weiner because he is saying he doesn’t know if the picture is of himself, but he is sure he didn’t send it. It sounds to me like he has probably taken a few pictures of himself in compromising positions before, and really doesn’t want to get into it. On the other hand, could be an admission of guilt. But I doubt it.

4) The poor young woman who this got sent to really has very little connection to Weiner aside from being a fan of his politics. It is sad that her life is being turned upside down because of this.

Prediction: Anthony Weiner will be fine. Unless something else big breaks, this will go down as an awkward punchline. The apology and vindication will come in a muted echo in a month or two as the tech company fesses up they had a security problem. Finally, the Clarence Thomas story will continue to be buried to the detriment of open government everywhere.



  1. Excellent take on the story, Riley. This would have been yesterday’s news had not Rep. Weiner stumbled around on the “is this you” question. It is a silly distraction from real issues, such as the Thomas story you mention in your blog.

  2. I suspect that if a certain councilman had been similarly accused you’d be all over it.

  3. If Sam Crawford had been caught tweeting someone in, say, New Mexico, a lewd picture? I would ask the same questions. Is it plausible, yes. Does it make sense? Not really. Is it an easy frame? Yes. Was there some motive? Score political points on a guy running for reelection. Yes. Then I would dismiss it as probably a frame job. Again, I’m not convinced Anthony Weiner is in the clear, I’m just saying that he probably is. And I would come to the same conclusion if it was Sam Crawford.

  4. […] of all, Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd pictures to a handful of women on twitter, so my previous prediction on #weinergate? Mostly wrong. Thanks Rep. Weiner! […]

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