Posted by: sweeneyblog | June 1, 2011

Filler Post: Regurgitating the Best of The Political Junkie

As we wait for the County Elections to sort themselves out (Carl is out, Doug Ericksen is in . . . maybe), and I work like crazy to get all the details for my impending nuptials nailed down (wait, we need ribbon AND flowers? Crap), I thought I would share some of the more popular articles on my blog if people missed them or are just tuning in.

First up, my blow by blow report of the Bellingham Tea Party Rally in 2011.

In light of Doug Ericksen‘s upcoming run, I give you my write up of Doug Ericksen trying to arrest a citizen journalist.

We have my article on the public records request I did for Sam Crawford‘s Secret Emails.

My personal account of the International Labor Rally at the Peace Arch . . . and then the Bellingham Herald‘s contemptuous decision not to cover it.

A personal theory of mine about Sarah Palin trolling the public.

And finally, because it is so popular, Kathy Kershner‘s vote FOR Sexual Assault.


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